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Dear reader.

Dear Reader,

The 1609 voyage of Henry Hudson opened a route that became America's lifeblood and brought about a flood of art, culture and commerce that changed the world. This 400th anniversary is a proud moment in New York State's history--a celebration of New York's rich history of discovery and innovation. The Hudson River has been a cornerstone of New York's economy, and is as much a piece of our future as it is our history. I am proud that we are utilizing the occasion to focus attention on the most important legacy of all--environmental and economic sustainability starting with the next 100 years.


First Lady Michelle Paige Paterson

Honorary Chair of New York's Hudson-Fulton-Champlain Quadricentennial Celebration

Dear Reader,

The Quadricentennial year has given New Yorkers a rare chance to look back at our tumultuous history; take account of the State's rich resources--and focus on the work still to be done.

Indeed, now is our exciting moment to build a strong future for the entire Hudson Valley. The challenge holds, but we will have gained the grand Walkway Over the Hudson, a new annual River Day and Heritage Weekend, expanded parkland, preserved historic sites; and--great news!--a new, ever-expanding chain of boat landings on the Hudson River and Lake Champlain. We say congratulations New York--and excelsior!


Joan K. Davidson

Chair, Hudson-Fulton-Champlain Quadricentennial Commission


Geachte Lezer, *

2009 marks the 400th anniversary of Henry Hudson's and Samuel de Champlain's explorations of the river and lake that bear their names and the 200th anniversary of Robert Fulton's patent for his pioneering commercial steamboat ferry service up and down the Hudson. These anniversaries remind us of our state's vibrant history and culture and the discoveries and inventions that made--and continue to make the Empire State a powerful economic and cultural catalyst for the world.

Hundreds of community celebrations are marking this once in a lifetime occasion throughout the year. In June, a flotilla of replica and modern-day ships retraced Henry Hudson's journey up the river for the Dutch East India Company in 1609. In September, there will be a special rededication of the Crown Point Lighthouse on Lake Champlain. To find events in your area, visit and be sure to check this special issue to find a list of other special events.

The Quadricentennial is a special moment--an opportunity to reflect on our state's rich past and set a course to a healthy, sustainable and prosperous future. I hope you'll join the celebration.


Commissioner Pete Grannis

* Dutch for "Dear Reader."

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Title Annotation:quadricentennial anniversary of Henry Hudson voyage
Author:Paterson, Michelle Paige; Davidson, Joan K.; Granis, Pete
Publication:New York State Conservationist
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Date:Aug 1, 2009
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