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Dear friends.

Dear Friends,

Passion provides hope, direction, and vision. One quality I admire the most in the camp community is the dedication and commitment to the children we all serve. It is what we all do, and it is our passion.

It is this dedication and emotional connection we have to our children that drives our desire for excellence. We all want to operate fun, safe, enriching, and successful programs. I discovered the American Camp Association as a young camp director in 1979. The resources ACA offered were amazing and provided us with much needed and appreciated insights to running a great camp. For many years, we were on the receiving end of this membership.

We would go to conferences, use the ACA resources, do our accreditations, and network with other camp people. We knew the value of our membership with ACA.

At some point in our evolution as "camp professionals" we became more passionate about the benefits of the camp experience and decided we needed to do more than just be on the receiving end of the membership. ACA needs volunteers who will dedicate their time and expertise to the association. ACA also needs funds to provide many of the programs and resources we all value. We needed to be part of the solution and decided to give back to an organization that had provided so much support and guidance for our camps.

My wife and I supported the major fund-raising push of the day and pledged as large a donation as we could. Why? Because we're passionate about the camp experience and the support ACA gives. We knew it was an investment not only in ACA, but in our camp and the future of our campers as well. We continue to support ACA with our annual giving and other special programs.

As a current member of the ACA Board of Directors, I see the positive impact donations have on our association. Without these gifts, we cannot be as dynamic with our offerings.

If you believe in the value of the camp experience and the value ACA brings to all of the camps, please consider helping financially. Every gift, regardless of size, is helpful.

If you have already given to ACA this year, I want to thank you on behalf of the association for making that investment in your profession. Programs around the country are supported because of your thoughtful generosity.

Your financial gift to ACA will provide valuable resources so our collective passion will provide hope, direction, and move our vision forward. We need your help! Your gift will advance all of us and help create awareness of the importance of the camp experience in every child's life.

Thank you for your thoughtful consideration and have a great summer. Remember to let your passion show!

Make a difference,

Ross Turner

CEO and President, Guided Discoveries

Incoming Board Chair, American Camp Association

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Author:Turner, Ross
Publication:Camping Magazine
Date:Jul 1, 2016
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