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Dear Sister readers.

Sister Namibia becomes more colourful with every edition thanks to our creative graphic designer Stasha and young writers like our previous and new media officers Sheena and Rosa, and authors like Afra, Taimi, Simone, Jon and Hugh as well as international Sister interns. We hope that you will enjoy and benefit from their financial guidance (dealing with debt) and medical advice (dealing with Diabetes) and the different stories on Sister Namibia' First Feminist Forum, the introduction of solar cookers by women in the south and many more.

We also introduced a new page, Women's Voices. It provides a platform for especially marginalized women to publish their stories, in any language, written by themselves or told to a friend, under their own name or under a changed name, of overcoming hardships and freeing themselves from situations of oppression.

The main theme of this issue is--the body issue. Why do women--sometimes by force, sometimes voluntarily - suffer all kinds of torturous procedures in order to change their looks and conform to one kind or other standard look? Do our bodies really belong totally and joyfully to us--or are we steered by remote control forces? Read what different women have to say about this Sheena writes about 'Making my Body Mine', Taimi ponders on the 'Hair Issue' and Elizabeth Khaxas reports on research done in the Caprivi with horrific findings of cultural female mutilation and customs that degradingly violate women's bodies.

We are proud to have our very own Namibian jazz singer, Erna Chimu, as our cover girl. Erna is not only a great and successful musician but she also has a powerful message ...

The middle pages are, as always, reserved for art. This time we show you how fashion designer Linda Hamunyela is inspired by the beauty of life.

In May this year we lost our beloved Namibian sister, author and activist Neshani Andreas. She died at the age of 46 of lung cancer--and she is sorely missed by many of us. You can read a reflection on her colourful personality on page 26. Please keep Neshani and her family in your prayers and good thoughts.

Happy reading!

Your Sister Team

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Date:Jul 1, 2011
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