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Dear Reader.

This special career issue of The Physician Executive marks a career change for managing editor Susan Sasenick as she moves to ACPE's corporate sponsorship and advertising area to head up the College's marketing efforts.

Susan will be missed. Her editorial insight and leadership skills helped this publication reach new heights of excellence as a valuable resource in the world of medical management.

Here are Susan's parting words, along with those of others who have contributed to the success of The Physician Executive. Our sincere best wishes to Susan as she strikes out on a new career path.

Reflections from Susan Sasenick

ACPE staff

It has been an honor to serve as managing editor of The Physician Executive for the past five and a half years. I am indebted to the readers of this journal for their encouragement and for their great contributions. My sincerest thanks to my mentors and friends, ACPE executive vice president Roger Schenke, ACPE book editor Wes Curry, and the journal's art director Jill Fasnacht for their gracious, unflinching support and inspiration.

Wes left me a wonderful legacy and big shoes to fill after his 11 years of wise and loving stewardship of the journal. Also, I am grateful to my muses David O. Weber and Trey Washburn, whose impeccable writing, incisive wit, and amazing insight carried me through many a crazy deadline.

To the wonderful authors and columnists, Joe Flower, Patrice Guillaume, Kent Bottles, Marilyn Moats Kennedy, Barbara Linney, Mary Frances Lyons, and Georges Benjamin, please know it has been my privilege to work with you.

And, of course, my thanks to Sue Anthony, my former editor in San Francisco at Healthcare Forum Journal, who taught me everything I know about editing and so much more about life!


As an editor, Susan Sasenick is just about perfect--smart, funny, interested, enthusiastic, focused. It's been clear always that there's a real person in there, not just someone doing a job.

What a pleasure it's been to work with Susan! All success to her in future endeavors.

Karen M. Kelly, freelance writer

Chicago, Ill.

I really enjoyed working with Susan over the past several years. Her enthusiasm and professionalism made her a pleasure to write for. I think any reader who has paid attention to The Physician Executive journal could not help but notice all the changes and improvements that Susan put into place. She really cared about the magazine and worked very hard to make a good journal better. In this she was very successful.

Earl R. "Trey" Washburn, MD, writer

Placerville, Calif.

I first worked with Susan at the Health Forum Journal (then the Healthcare Forum Journal), and was struck by her unvarying cheer and enthusiasm--not to mention the fact that she zipped around San Francisco on a motorbike (Or was it a motorcycle?) She's very bright and funny and intrepid. I can't imagine anyone I would rather work with, or whose absence from my professional sphere I could miss more.

David 0. Weber, health care journalist

Mendocino County, Calif.

Our organization has been truly blessed with two exceptional people as editors of our journal. First, Wes Curry took our journal from a four-page "newsletter" to a respected journal of management. He had enormously big shoes, but Susan made those shoes dance. She brought the love of life and a spirit that inspired all of us who work with her. On behalf of our board and members, Susan, we consider it an honor to know you and we thank you for making us all better.

Roger Schenke, ACPE executive vice president

Tampa, Fla.

It has been a true pleasure working with Susan, she is a brilliant editor and remarkable person. I am a better art director for having worked with Susan and richer to have gained her as a friend.

Jill Fasnacht, art director, The Physician Executive

Tampa, Fla.

* More case studies, stories, and applications to theories being explored to give readers hands-on examples of how ideas can be implemented in their organizations

* Recommended resources, such as related books, articles, organizations, and websites

* More graphs, charts, figures, and visuals

* Interviews and profiles of prominent physician executives, as well as stories about colleagues




Susan arrived at ACPE after an eight-year stint culminating in managing editor at The Healthcare Forum, a non-profit health care association in San Francisco and publisher of the Journal.



Redesigned The Physician Executive with art director extraordinaire Bruce Olson, giving the journal a new look based on feedback from reader focus groups.



Transitioned The Physician Executive from a monthly to a bi-monthly journal, with in-depth themed issues to provide readers with a well-rounded view Healthcare Forum of controversial topics important to physician executives.



Conducted surveys to evaluate the journal's performance and ascertain key medical management topics of interest to our readers.



Began working from her satellite office in Biloxi, Mississippi.
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