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Dear Reader.

Dear Reader:

As we embark upon a new edition of our publication and ready ourselves to welcome new students into the learning environment, I pause to reflect upon the past and look to the future. Serving as editor of the Consortium Journal of Hospitality and Tourism has been a personal joy. When Dr. Noriega shared this opportunity with me, I leaped at the chance to grow this publication. And, surrounded by a great team of professionals, the journal has grown and its format has been enhanced.

Dr. Steven Lonis-Shumate is most directly responsible for its new look and format. He has provided graphic design vision on the journal and offered some suggestions for growing the subscription and readership base. In short, he has been the wings that have kept our journal 'airborne'. And, for these reasons, I step aside as editor-in-chief and pass the reigns to Dr. Lonis-Shumate. I will continue to serve on the editorial team as associate editor but Dr. Lonis-Shumate will assume primary responsibility for the manuscript review and publication processes effective with the next edition.

Continue to support our journal and welcome Dr. Steven Lonis-Shumate as editor-in-chief.

Faye Hall Jackson, Ph.D.

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Author:Jackson, Faye Hall
Publication:Consortium Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Management
Article Type:Editorial
Date:Aug 1, 2013
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