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Dear Mr. Prescott.

I / we would like to thank you for bringing an event of international significance to a venue of international significance and causing pictures of our magnificent quayside to be featured in newspapers and television news from Sydney to San Francisco.

I / we understand that to buy that sort of publicity for Sage Music and the North-East would cost our region tens of millions of pounds.

I / we am / are very sorry we had a bit of a whine about the minor inconvenience of being stuck in traffic two mornings out of the year.

As a small recompense for having to listen to the disgruntled taxi drivers and commuters of Newcastle whine on I / we enclose pounds 10 which I / we would be obliged if you would forward to the charity of your choice.

I / we hope you enjoy your stay in the North-East.

Yours sincerely
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Publication:The Journal (Newcastle, England)
Date:Feb 16, 2005
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