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Dear Jo: readers' letters.

BEFORE our ground troops are sent into Kosovo, those able-bodied male refugees should be armed and sent back to fight with the Kosovan Liberation Army.

We formed the Home Guard in the last war when our country was in danger.

Eric Broadbent, Dover, Kent

WHY aren't the able-bodied Kosovan refugees fighting to defend their own country?

If they do come to Britain, they should be trained and armed and sent back to fight the Serbs alongside our troops.

It's their country and they should be doing their share.

J Duckworth

St Helens, Merseyside

AMONG the Kosovan refugees there seems to be a large number of young men. Why aren't they fighting for their country instead of our boys?

B Thorburn Nailsea, Somerset

AFTER the last war, many refugees from Eastern Europe settled happily in Britain.

What makes Tony Blair think the Kosovans would want to go back to their own country after experiencing life over here?

M Williams Blackwood, Gwent

THOSE of us who lived through the Second World War remember that traitor, Lord Haw Haw.

He seems to be alive and well and writing a column under the name of Paul Routledge. It's time your editor gave this monster the sack.

W Robson Brynesthin, Bridgend

WERE the sacrifices my generation made in the last war worth it when we have to read the views of men like Paul Routledge? He owes his existence to the men and women who fought against Hitler.

I suggest he goes to his friends in Serbia and stays there.

H Collin, Acton, London

IF PAUL Routledge wrote his articles during the last war, he would not have lasted very long. How do Mirror staff like working alongside a turncoat?

Ex-Coldstream Guardsman, Solihull West Midlands

PAUL Routledge's articles are a gleam of sanity among the media presentation of events in Kosovo. Many of us oppose the actions of Nato - Tony Blair and his cohorts bear a heavy responsibility for provoking the catastrophe.

And too many people are ignoring the role of the KLA in Kosovo.

A Utting, Potton, Beds

I FIND Paul Routledge's point of view on the Kosovo crisis a breath of fresh air.

His articles give us socialists inspiration during today's turmoil.

Mrs V Webber Sheffield, S Yorks

PAUL Routledge is right - we should not have got involved in the war in Kosovo until action was sanctioned by the United Nations.

Glyn Smith, Aberdare Mid-GlamorganSO BRIAN Reade thinks people who watch the University Boat Race are fat, middle-aged Oxbridge men quaffing gin and tonic (The Mirror, April 1).

I have watched the Boat Race since I was a girl and I am definitely not an old fogey. It is an excellent sporting event that does not get enough coverage in the media.

Brian Reade should paddle his canoe up a creek and stay there.

Mrs E A Cook Neath, Glamorgan

THE victorious Cambridge cox Vian Sharif doesn't look like an old fogey either - Jo.DON'T BLACKEN BLUESWhere is Kim?KIM Laurence, 30, has been missing from her home in Leicester since 20 March this year.

She disappeared after visiting a friend in the early hours and was last seen at about 4am at the junction of Melton Road and Troon Way in Leicester.

She suffers from depression and may heve been distressed when she disappeared. Kim is Vietnamese, 4ft 10ins tall, of slight build with shoulder-length dark, permed hair.

She has a pronounced limp. She was last seen wearing a red fleece jacket, black jeans and black shoes

Would anyone who has any information as to Kim's whereabouts or wellbeing please call the Freephone number below. PRINCE Edward is inviting "ordinary people" to his wedding. I think all taxpayers should go considering we're paying for it.

J Allan

Newton Aycliffe, Co Durham TONY Parsons mentioned the IRA nine times in his column (The Mirror, April 5). But groups such as the UDA and the UVF are also part of the problem.

Paul Jordan, Nottingham
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Apr 9, 1999
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