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Dear Jo: Readers letters.

Money - or our lives?

IT IS disgusting that the Tories should have thrown out plans to introduce the Automatic Train Protection system because it was too costly. Money should never be put before lives.

After the Clapham rail disaster, I am dumbfounded that, with the profits made by Railtrack, Thameslink and Great Western railways, more has not been done to ensure our safety. I urge Tony Blair and his government to act now.

Rail companies must realise that they do not have a choice: profit can never come before people.

Ray Wells Brighton, East Sussex

NEW safety measures for the rail networks must be implemented immediately, whatever the cost.

Surely to God, people's lives come before money.

Nick Fletcher, Norton -on-Derwent, N. Yorks

A THOUSAND thanks to Brian Reade and the rest of The Mirror's reporting team for giving voice to the anger and despair over Paddington.

Please continue to fight public apathy and give a lead to those who want to turn the tide of priority away from profit to profit with safety.

R Davies Clacton-on-Sea, Essex

A DRIVER may be held to be at fault following the Paddington disaster. But I blame the Tory government for selling off our rail system to all and sundry.

Our Labour Government must take note before privatising air-traffic control.

H Cunningham Chelmsford, Essex

UNTIL crash investigations are complete, please don't blame the Thames turbo driver.

Dead men can't give their side of the story and it's very easy to accuse them of negligence.

Eleanor Greening Bracknell, Berks

AS an ex-BR employee with years of experience both on steam and diesel trains, I am baffled by doubts over the safety issue.

Is it not the responsibility of the driver to see the colour of the signal before he passes it?

L Wilkins, Aberdare Mid Glamorgan

IT'S all very well for train operators to talk of faster trains, but they know full well that Railtrack will first have to agree to spend its shareholders' money on upgrading the tracks and signals. Until we go back to the days when trains and track are organised by the same company we will have accidents. And blame will be passed from one operator to the next.

T Luff, Spalding, Lincs

WHY has no one said sorry for the Paddington crash?

Those who have lost loved ones need to hear someone saying "I'm so sorry. I really feel for you." Are politicians and rail company people really so worried about litigation that they can't do the decent thing?

Clare Parnacott Rickmansworth, Herts

WHAT will happen to the pets of the poor people in the Paddington train crash?

If they were living on their own, with no relatives nearby, will the RSPCA step in and look after things?

S Buckland East Dulwich, London


I PASS on my deepest sympathy to all affected by the Paddington rail disaster. The chairmen of the three private rail companies involved should be made to spend five minutes of every day for the rest of their lives reading the heartbreaking message from Claire asking for her daddy to come home (Mirror, Oct 8).

Perhaps then they will realise that their obscene profits and salaries would be far better spent on safety.

Steve Roberts, Grimsby, Lincs

YOUR picture of firefighter Sally Cox at the Paddington rail disaster highlighted their wonderful courage.

What a contrast to the comments of Tory MP Teresa Gorman who said Britain's firefighters were good-for-nothing layabouts claiming trauma in order to retire on large disability allowances. I wonder what she'd say now.

D Bates, Wickford, Essex


IT IS at a time of disaster like this that we realise how badly Princess Diana is missed.

There is no-one who is able to replace her.

What is desperately needed is the sympathy and support she would have offered.

But couldn't the Duchess of Kent or Fergie be allowed to help comfort the crash victims?

M Harper, Uttoxeter, Staffs

l SURELY, with her command of the spoken word, Jilly Cooper needn't have sworn to inform her husband of her escape from the crash?

Why not just: "Thank God, I'm alive."

E Thompson, Co Antrim

Tina still


the best

I WATCHED the Mobo awards on TV last week and thank God for Tina Turner.

The rest of the music at the awards ceremony was rubbish.

It seems that if you can grunt and wail, twist and throw so-called notes out of your mouth you are thought to be great.

Host Mel G was a waste of space and as for Patsy Palmer - dear, oh dear. Enough said.

D Bailey

Wisbech, Cambs


IN RESPONSE to A Bell's joke (Dear Jo, October 8), I have another version. Eve was alone in the Garden of Eden and said to God: "I'm bored. I need something to do."

"Ok" said God. "I'll make you a man." "What's a man?" asked Eve. God said: "Well, I'll make you one, and you can see if you like it." Then God added: "But there is just one condition. You have to let him think he was here first."

Cathryn Thomas via

pounds 25 Letter Of The Day

WELL done The Mirror's political team and Charlie Whelan for the spot-on coverage of William Hague last week at the Tory Party Conference.

I've really enjoyed it this year! It's been a hilarious week - I haven't laughed so much in ages.

I feel almost sorry for Wee Willie. He really hasn't got a clue, has he?

V Williams, Radstock, Bath



WHY can't Margaret Thatcher retire gracefully? Every time she appears at a Conservative conference she puts her foot in it - not least, on this occasion, with her outburst over ex-Chilean dictator Pinochet.

Thatcher wasn't popular with her ministers when she was Prime Minister. Now, when she speaks, she manages to divide still further the already divided Conservative Party.

Baroness Thatcher should take a back seat like many other peers in the House of Lords.

We had enough of her in the Eighties. It's time she kept quiet.

J Forward Carshalton, Surrey

LET'S see Thatcher and Wee Willie extradited to Spain along with Augusto Pinochet.

Pinochet for his record on human rights in Chile; Thatcher for the way she sold our railways off for a pittance; and Wee Willie to see first- hand how the Automatic Train Protection system works in Spain.

If he ever gets into a position of power he may need to know.

G Corbould North West London

IS THE new Tory slogan of creating a "commonsense revolution" an admission they've had no common sense for years?

This party lost the trust of millions of voters and lost touch with its roots.

Common sense now warns us never to put our trust in the them again.

Keith Sullivan Tameside Ashton-under-Lyne

HOW dare William Hague call Tony Blair a fraud?

Free eye-tests are back for pensioners and we get pounds 100 towards our fuel bills. Money is being put into schools and hospitals. Maybe the Tories could tell us what happened to all our money during 18 years of government.

They were the real fraudsters. Keep up the good work, Tony.

E Harding, Hereford

WHAT rubbish William Hague spouts. The Tories left everything in such a mess that Tony Blair can't possibly sort it out in only two years.

Hague may rant now, but he knows very well that his party had its chance.

I don't think I'm the only one fed up with his hypocritical talk.

K and G Jones Rushden, Northants


pack quite a punch!

AS my four-year-old son, Keith, came running in from the garden, he dropped and broke his cup of orange juice.

"How did you manage to drop the cup," I asked.

"It wasn't me," he said. "A butterfly flew by and knocked it out of my hand."

V Flint St Albans, Herts

OUR grand-daughter, Cherrish, aged five, came home from school and told her mum: "We've got kiblets in our class." Mum asked: "What are they?"

She replied: "You know - two boys and a girl who all look like each other."

We explained that the term was triplets.

S Osborne Stanmore, Middlesex

MY grand-daughter has just started school.

She told her mother that reading was so easy she could "do it with my eyes shut".

M Pickin Cannock, Staffs


in China..

I'M currently working in China and I miss my daily Mirror.

However, thanks to The Mirror Online I can stay in touch with what's happening in England.

I'd also like to say a huge hello to all my family and friends.

A Barnett Taiyuan,China

I HAD to laugh when I read reports that scientists are linking the use of mobile phones to strokes.

I believe the bills have more to do with strokes than the phones.

Sheridan Wakeman Brighton, East Sussex

Hit and miss

READER A Cushin asked if eating the Christmas cake she made in March was a record (Dear Jo, Oct 6).

No, it's not. A record is a black, plastic disc with a hole in the middle.

R.W Pryor Colchester, Essex
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Date:Oct 12, 1999
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