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Dear Jo: Readers Letters.

Fine balancing act by Gordon

Budget '99 YOUR VIEWS

ANOTHER superb Budget from the Labour Government, this time focusing on the family and in particular putting more emphasis on the less well- off in our society.

And why not? For years, the focus has been on feeding the rich and creating a selfish and greedy population under the Tories.

At last we have a new leadership that is caring and compassionate to all and not just the elite few.

M Swann, Mexborough, S Yorks

I WAS amazed that "Vague Hague" criticised Gordon Brown's Budget. He more than balanced the books.

The Tories, on the other hand, actually doubled the national debt under John Major.Brown has shown Labour as a party capable of running the country.

A Whitten, Streatham, S London

I NEVER bash the Budget, because the people who produce it are always better qualified than the general public.

But I do criticise the lack of vision by successive Chancellors when they say they are introducing a measure but then announce that it's not coming into effect for one or two years.

And it's high time to introduce a caravan-towing tax and a radio licence.

M Taylor Bolton, Lancs

I SEEM to be the only person in Britain who doesn't believe Gordon Brown is a saint.

As a student who drives a very economical car with a 1.2-litre engine, I must pay extra for my road tax and once again petrol has been hit.

If this is an attempt to get more people on to public transport, then I might consider joining the other commuters - but only when the buses and trains become reliable, cheaper and cleaner.

I Aikman Woking, Surrey

MY mortgage is going up, my petrol is going up, my tobacco is going up. As a student, I get no advantage from Gordon Brown's reduction in the income-tax rate to 10 or 22 per cent.

Despite both this and the last government's insistence that we need a better-qualified workforce, there is nothing to encourage us to get better educated.

Is there to be a very- long-overdue increase in grants, or even - dare I encourage the wrath of my fellow students - an increase in the limits on student loans?

Roy Griffiths

Wistaston, Cheshire

I BELIEVE there is too much emphasis on the family. A couple should enjoy their early years together as a twosome.

A family should be started afterwards. But Gordon Brown's financial incentives start only if you have children.

J Gullidge Hunstanton, Norfolk

AS A disabled person and proud owner of a new van through the Motability scheme, I am being clobbered yet again by this caring government.

My limited savings have been eroded as interest rates drop.

Fuel costs are constantly increasing - and there seems to be nothing I can do about it.

Richard Youlden

via e-mail


I WAS amused by S Elliott's suggestion (Dear Jo, March 4) of annoying junk mail outlets by returning post in their pre-paid envelopes.

I too get lots of junk mail.

I save it for a week, shred it then send it back to the supplier.

J Kerslake Ely, Cambs

AS LONG as the paper junk-mail suppliers send me is A4 it's very useful. I use it to print out test documents before using decent paper.

If I'm writing a letter to someone I'm not too fond of, I can use the clear side for the letter and they can read the other side and try to win pounds 50,000 for life.

It also saves trees in Brazil.

T McAnish Basingstoke, Hants

JUNK mail makes up nearly 60 per cent of Royal Mail's business.

If these firms ceased to exist, Royal Mail would lose a considerable part of their income and have to put up postage prices.

Jim Cunningham Stevenage, Herts

Save us from science

pounds 25 Letter of the Day

PEOPLE want to save the whale, the rhino and other endangered species. But what's worrying me, with the talk of Frankenstein foods, is who's going to save mankind?

Mad scientists are going to end up killing us with their experiments. Why can't they leave Mother Nature alone?

She's doing a good enough job of getting rid of us without their meddling.

We're told GM foods would help prevent Third World famine. But so would the huge food mountains kept in storage or destroyed.

J Dix, Cheltenham, Glos
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Author:Dipple, Jo
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Mar 12, 1999
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