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Dear Jo: Readers Letters: NEW LAW HAD AN ED START.

READER J Brett asked about Murphy's and Sod's Laws (Dear Jo, Mar 21).

Murphy's Law was invented by George Nichols in 1949. Mr Nichols, project manager with the Californian aviation firm Northrop, overheard a remark by a colleague, Captain Ed Murphy: "If anything can go wrong, it will."

J Dawson

Warrington, Cheshire

MURPHY was an inventor who gave the US Navy an experiment to try out. He thought it was foolproof, but the experiment went wrong.

Captain Murphy actually said: "If there is a way to make something go wrong, the US Navy will surely find it."

R Davies via email

SOD'S Law states that if something is going to go wrong, it does so at the most inappropriate time. When my bus broke down, it happened to be on the day I needed to get to an interview.

J Howells

Neath, W Glam

I ASSUME "sod" is derived from sodomite and is slang for an annoying person or thing.

Rachel Strange

Basingstoke, Hants

M DURKAN asked why, if Jesus was born on December 25, does he die on a different date every Good Friday (Dear Jo, Mar 21).

Jesus was born around September/October in the Jewish month of Tishri and died at the Passover on Nisan 14. Dec 25 was the pagan festival at Satumlia and was adopted by apostate Christendom to try to persuade the pagans to accept Christianity.

M Thompson Bushey, Herts
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Mar 27, 2000
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