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Dear Jo: Readers Letters: Don't take such hard line on BT.

I READ with interest the letters complaining about BT's charges, particularly line rental and VAT (Dear Jo, Oct 14).

I have become profoundly deaf and now rely on the National Relay Service called TypeTalk, which is funded by BT and operated by the RNID.

Like hundreds of other hard-of-hearing or deaf people, I would not be able to phone family or friends without this excellent service.

People should count their blessings.

V Robinson, Kent

READER M Jones asks why no one subscribes to BT's low-subscriber rate as their bills have been no more than pounds 18 since they joined the scheme.

I too am on a light-user scheme and my bills are equally as low. If such low calls are typical, BT should automatically change the account over.

Colin Males Chatham, Kent

YOU must call 150 to set up a low-user scheme and you qualify if your calls are less than pounds 14 per quarter - Jo.

READER J Guirk asks why more people aren't switching to cable to avoid the high line-rental costs charged by BT (Dear Jo, Oct 14).

Not everyone has cable facilities in their area. Perhaps when cable is available countrywide BT may reconsider their charges. Until then it does seem as if they have a captive market.

P Laycock

Netherton, Merseyside
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Oct 20, 1999
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