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Dear Jo: Readers Letters: Dear Jo Stop this deadly trade.

MY HEART goes out to the families of the Chinese illegal immigrants and the customs staff at Dover who discovered this truly horrific mass death.

The two survivors spoke of the screaming and banging on the doors to be let out of their pressure cooker incarceration - what torment this leaves on their minds I can only guess at.

Something must be done immediately to tighten security in all European ports to prevent this happening ever again.

The Triad gangs are obviously organising this on a huge scale and making a tremendous amount of money.

Ever since the Hong Kong handover and the influx of Triads into this country I have been expecting something like this to happen.

All that money made out of Hong Kong ... can't some of it be put back into trying to suppress these evil monsters who have so little respect for human life they cart people over the Channel in a tomato carrier?

N Veros, Oxford

-CAN'T something be done to prevent such a dreadful catastrophe as the deaths of 58 illegal immigrants happening again?

Why can't the government have heat-seeking cameras on overhead gantries at passport controls, like the kind used in police helicopters?

J Grimes Bury, Lancashire

-SO THE EU is considering stricter border controls for the football hooligans after the debacle in Belgium.

It's a pity EU authorities don't have the same sense of urgency when dealing with asylum-seekers passing through their countries on their way here.

If they had, the awful tragedy at Dover might not have happened.

Kenneth O'Boyle, Perth

WITH recruitment to our armed forces at a critical level, wouldn't it be a brilliant idea to recruit all football hooligans into the army for two years' national service?

It would soon lick them into shape.

A Yorke Walsall, W Midlands

-THE football hooligans didn't deserve transport home. They should have been made to swim back.

E Ovenden Rye, E Sussex

-BEATING the Germans in Euro 2000 was the easy bit. Defeating the scumbags disgracing England will prove a far harder task.

Tony Thorn Bordon, Hants

-GERMANY boasts it has done more than the UK to prevent trouble at Euro 2000, by taking away the passports of known troublemakers. But there are no passport controls between countries - you just drive through on the motorway. So how can they claim this?

John Goldsmith Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk

-ISN'T it a shame the thugs who travel abroad to cause trouble at football matches may lose their benefits?

How can they afford to go abroad in the first place? I work, but I certainly don't have money for air fares and expensive football tickets.

Name and address withheld

-ANN Widdecombe is using the football hooligans as ammunition for a future election.

What action could the Government take? Most of the 400 have no previous records and are not on the police files.

Gareth Evans Via
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jun 21, 2000
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