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Dear Jo: Readers' letters.

THE Mirror should be praised for the accuracy and fairness of it's reporting of European news.

People who would like to see the European Union disintegrate often forget the social progress and citizens' rights which we probably would not have achieved in this country had we not been in the EU.

David Fletcher Glasgow

WELL done Michael Brunson for speaking out against the porn on TV.

I've come to believe the useless watchdogs must be in the pockets of TV masters as it's now anything goes on the box.

A few years ago the police were raiding Soho to confiscate material comparable to what is now being shown on TV.

What a sick society we are becoming by accepting such material in the name of 'education' or 'entertainment'.

Tom Cunningham Irvine
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jun 29, 2000
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