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Dear Jo: Readers' letters.

Live and let Livingstone

NOT only does New Labour not believe in socialism, it does not believe in democracy either, it seems.

It is disgraceful to think that Ken Livingstone, a democratically-elected MP, may be blocked from standing as Mayor of London.

I've voted Labour at every election since I was old enough to vote in the Fifties. If Livingstone is blocked I will never vote Labour again.

H Plecker East Barnet, Herts

IF THIS were a true democracy, we would be able to vote for whoever we wanted in the elections for Mayor of London and leaders of the Welsh and Scottish Assemblies.

We shouldn't just be given one choice - the one Mr Blair approves of.

Mr Blair would do well to remember he is a Prime Minister, not a President.

M Griffiths Banbury, Oxon

MPs SUCH as Dennis Canavan, Rhodri Morgan and Ken Livingstone are the base of Labour. We have an unhealthy party if it cannot support these three.

As an active party member I would support them all, right and left. But I would not suppport the party if they were all right, or all left.

And finally, what is wrong with being a socialist? I class myself as one.

T Osborne, Exeter, Devon

DENNIS Canavan and Ken Livingstone owe their seats in Parliament to New Labour policies. Yet they seem happier knocking the Labour leadership rather than the Tories.

They are totally disloyal.

Stewart Lewin Harrow, Middlesex

CAN'T "leftish" Ken Livingstone see anything good in what Tony Blair has done?

It was Ken's crass, over-the-top socialist ideas that made Mrs Thatcher shut down the GLC.

I certainly don't want Jeffrey Archer as Mayor of London, but this doesn't make Livingstone automatically the right man.

J Coomb Horsham, West Sussex




SO Prince Charles was a big fan of Pip, Squeek And Wilfred as a youngster.

I wonder what he's progressed to now? Noddy And Big Ears?

K Sullivan St Webburghs, Bristol

IT WAS great to read that Prince Charles was a fan of Pip, Squeek and Wilfred.

I was also a great fan and was given an ivory brooch of the three of them.

J Batstone, Colindale, N. London

Conscription: a force for good?

WHAT an excellent letter from M Warman (Dear Jo, Nov 16) saying bring back two-year conscription so the unemployed can go and help countries in crisis like Honduras.

I thought it was so good I would cut it out and send it to Number 10 Downing Street. I wonder if they will take notice?

R Hayes, Maidenhead, Berks

M WARMAN'S plan to "conscript" the unemployed is likely to create class division.

Conscripts noticeably come from the the "working classes" and officers came from the "managerial classes".

Would the managerial level unemployed also be signed up?

Pipe dreams, M Warman. We so-called lower orders are not so easily duped.

M Bolton, Leeds, W Yorks

Job lot of vacancies

I AGREE with reader M Wilson (Dear Jo, November 16), who said the Government was wrong to claim job opportunities have improved for the unemployed.

I am being made redundant at Christmas and, although I have over 25 years' working experience, I cannot find a job with the salary I need.

All the Jobcentre vacancies are for low-paid, part-time or temporary work.

Employment Minister Andrew Smith and all his colleagues should visit the Jobcentre to try to get another job, and see how they get on.

Mrs Hilary Lousvet via e-mail

pounds 25 Letter

Of The Day

Mirror images

of happiness

FRIDAY the Thirteenth always gives me an ominous feeling. Last Friday was no different.

Or rather it wasn't - until I opened my Mirror and read what made your other readers happy.

It gave me the confidence to face the day and take my fair share of good times. It gave me a wonderful feeling.

And it made me realise how little it actually takes to make someone happy. The best things in life really are free.

J Matthews Thornton Cleveleys Lancs

Maker quick call

I WAS so shocked when Jonathan, my great-grandson, aged six, asked for his great-grandad's phone number.

I explained that my late husband was in heaven, but Jonathan insisted, saying: "I know. I just wanted to ring God to make sure He looked after him."

G Evans, Pontycymer Mid Glam

WHEN my son, now grown up, was nearly four, he heard me say to a friend: "When he goes to school I will throw my hat up in the air."

Later that day, I overheard him tell one of his friends: "When I start school, Mummy is going up in her hat."

Elsie Bateson, Stamford Lincs

MY four-year old daughter Ria started school recently.

The other day, she came home and proudly announced she'd been "peeing in the hole" in school that day.

It turned out that she had been having PE in the hall.

R Morris, Cwmbran Gwent

Stella's so mixed-up

I'VE just been e-mailed some very funny anagrams and I thought you and the readers might like to hear them.

Arnold Schwarzen-egger: He's grown large'n'crazed.

The Houses of Parliament: Loonies far up the Thames.

EastEnders: Needs a rest.

Stella Artois, reassuringly expensive: Pint o' lager virtually erases sexiness.

Alex Rowe, Camberley Surrey

I WAS annoyed by councillor Steve Radford's letter (Dear Jo, November ) which talked about abolishing the House of Lords.

Instead of abolishing the second house why don't we balance the scales and have a House of Ladies?

A lady reader, Llandudno, N. Wales
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Nov 19, 1998
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