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Dear Jo: Readers' letters.

Secret agony of screening mess

I FEEL so sorry for the 19,000 women waiting to hear if they're the ones missed off cancer screening lists.

Cancer kills too many Scots as it is without this extra mental torture. It's an appalling situation to be left in.

I hope they'll be able to put people's minds at rest soon.

J Pettigrew, Stirling

YET again lives have been put at risk by a cock-up in the office. As far as I can see the cancer mix-up only came out because one woman fell ill.

You wonder how many other things like this have been swept under the carpet.

How many more will suffer before bosses learn we're people not numbers?

M McLaverty, Maryhill, Glasgow

I HOPE for their sakes the health bosses who missed patients off their screening lists can find them all again.

But after all these years, don't they think people might have moved on?

How can sending letters to old addresses help anyone?

I don't know how they can sleep at night.

L Gordon, West Lothian

BRAVO Sue Carroll! Your column was fantastic.

I wish Charles and Camilla had stayed on holiday. When will they realise the public doesn't want either of them?

We want William. Thank God he's like his mother, who was a real lady.

V Williams, Bath

WHY can't you leave Charles and Camilla alone? You seem to blame Camilla for all Diana's problems and poor Charles can't do a thing right.

Diana was no saint. She loved dominating the Press and no doubt brought many of her problems upon herself.

I wish Charles and Camilla every happiness.

P Phillips, Sleaford, Lincs

IF everyone who enjoyed a holiday in Turkey thanks to the warmth and friendliness of its people gave a few pounds we could raise lots of money to help at this tragic time.

Alan Bishop, Birmingham


WE SAW The Blair Witch Project in New York and, despite The Mirror (Aug 23) proclaiming this film scary, thought it the most boring film we'd ever seen.

We even went to an 11pm screening to try to make it more creepy but it wasn't scary at all.

I'd be more excited watching someone's holiday video.

J Aldridge Norwich, Norfolk

ANN Widdecombe is always talking about cruelty to animals, but what about her cruelty to humans?

I refer, of course, to her defending the shackling of pregnant prisoners when she was a Home Office minister. A more cruel or barbaric practice I just can not imagine.

Ann Widdecombe caring? I think not.

B Howard Newton Flotman, Norfolk

J O'NEILL was absolutely right to condemn the behaviour of anti-refugee bigots (Dear Jo, Aug 24).

It's frightening to think these very sad people actually have the vote. No wonder the Tories were in office so long.

R Springfield Branksome, Dorset

Oh what a grey day ..

ONCE again we're told a certain colour is the right one - this Autumn, it's grey.

Come on girls, prove the fashion gurus wrong. Dig out all your bright, colourful clothes and wear them.

Why should we wear grey? It does nothing for any female I've ever seen. I'm off to the shops in my red blazer and navy trousers.

H James, Corby

pounds 25 Letter Of The Day

I PRAY the Diana, Princess of Wales, Memorial Fund decides to help 10-year-old Ashraf Qadil.

This little boy, who has a brain tumour, was made famous when Diana gave him a cuddle on a visit to Pakistan.

Now, the Fund set up to continue with her good works is considering sending a neuro-surgeon to Lahore to examine him (The Mirror, Aug 24).

I was a very sick baby and the doctors told my mother I wouldn't make it. She replied that love and good care would give me every chance of survival. Now, at 88, I am living a healthy life after years of hard work.

I would like this little boy to be given the same chance of life. It is up to this trust to see that the care Diana promised this little boy is given.

V Chapman, Witney, Oxon

OUR MSPs should prioritise getting transport costs in this country down to affordable prices.

With fuel now at a ludicrous price, you would think a decent public transport system - at a reasonable cost - would be high on the agenda.

I've just been on a tour of Scotland by train and was horrified at what I had to pay. No wonder tourism suffers.

Dominic Flanigan, Langside, Glasgow


I WAS prompted to write after reading about Tracey Lewis (The Mirror, Aug 23, who was wrongfully accused of kidnapping Terry the tortoise.

We've had two tortoises for 16 years and, after moving house, one of them went walkabout and is still missing.

He disappeared in May and we now wonder whether someone may have "adopted" him. If they have, we'd love to know.

Mr and Mrs J Delaney Attleborough, Norfolk

WE bought our son and daughter a tortoise each - one male, one female - 40 years ago.

The male has hardly grown at all over the years but the female must have doubled in size. My wife and I, now in our eighties, cannot keep pace with these wanderers so they are housed with my daughter.

And we'd not want to tempt tortoise-nappers at pounds 600 a time.

Walter Scott Prestatyn, Clwyd
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Title Annotation:Features
Author:Dipple, Jo
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Aug 30, 1999
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