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Dear Jo: Readers' letters.

Bite back at cruelty

I WISH to express my anger at barbarians like John Parker who profit from illegal dog-fighting.

This crime is so horrific. I believe the time has now come where we need to have zero tolerance on all cases of animal cruelty. These evil people who abuse or harm animals deliberately should be punished severely.

T Christopher, Basildon, Essex

I WAS appalled by the leniency of the sentence imposed on John Parker, who was exposed by The Mirror's Sorted column.

For causing such terrible suffering to dogs, by using them for illegal fights, he should have been jailed for longer than four months. He should never be allowed near a dog again. Our laws are not severe enough to deter low life like Parker and his ilk.

ML Powell, Chelmsford, Essex

I MUST congratulate you on exposing the cruel people in The Pit Bully (The Mirror, September 24). Keep up the good work.

Mrs M Day, Gloucester

AFTER reading about the coach which ploughed into some cows on the M1 near Leicester (The Mirror, Sept 28), I was irritated to read that National Express had said that fortunately no-one was seriously injured. Well, what would you call the deaths of 16 innocent cows then?

Sheena Vadera, Leicester

THE only reason people want to charge across the country chasing foxes is to show the rest of us that they still rule the land.

It has little to do with sport or the control of foxes, but more the control of the people. I feel sorry for the workers who lose their jobs but they could gain freedom from a life of forelock-tugging to their masters.

P Maxwell, Southampton

I, AND many others like me, only voted Labour because of Blair's promise to ban fox-hunting. But it looks like the unelected "aristoprats" in the House of Lords are going to block the anti-bloodlust bill.

So much for decency and democracy in modern Britain.

David Francis Bechenham, Kent

WHY not muzzle the hounds? The huntspeople would get the excitement of the chase.

The foxes would not be killed. Animal lovers would be happy and it would be peace at last.

A E Prestage

Walton-on-the-Naze, Essex


IT IS appalling that the BBC is squandering public money by paying vast sums of money for people reading the news on the Millennium night.

I am quite happy not to listen to any news for one night. In fact, it would do us no harm not to watch any programmes on the BBC for that night.

Many people would be quite happy if it means saving money in order to improve the quality of the programmes for the rest of the year.

S G Tak Edgware, Middlesex

SO THE BBC wants to increase the TV licence again. Have viewers no rights at all?

It's time an in-depth investigation was conducted into the running of the corporation.

Value for money, it is not. There are more repeats than a bout of hiccups. A fee of pounds 1 million for Vanessa Feltz is obscene.

Mrs G M Reed Blyth, Northumberland


WHERE are all the tributes to the late, great Frankie Vaughan? Frankie was a first-class entertainer and gave so much pleasure to millions of people like me.

Please convey my heartfelt sympathy to his wife Stella and all his family. He will be sadly missed. Many thanks, Frankie, for giving us the Moonlight. Now you can walk in the Garden of Eden.

M Playle, Amersham, Bucks

Where's Mark?

MARK, 16, has been missing from his home in Welling, Kent, since August 12 this year.

He left his home without taking any clothes or money and no one has heard from him since. His frantic mum wants him to get in touch. Mark is 5ft 2ins, slim and blond. He loves arcade games and one of his favourite places is the Piccadilly area of London.

If you have seen Mark, call the confidential National Missing Persons Helpline. If Mark wants to send a message he can call free and in confidence, 0800 700 740.


pounds 25 Letter Of The Day


BARBARA Castle's shabby treatment at the Labour Party Conference (Mirror, Sept 28) could be expected from a Government that is hypocritically using the same pension policy it condemned Mrs Thatcher for in 1980.

Britain has the strongest economy in Europe. Yet France and Germany spend twice as much on welfare.

We have the resources to put our state pensioners at the top of the European league for pay and conditions.

It's incomprehensible that a so-called Labour Government can deliberately leave them lying in poverty at the bottom.

W Quinn, Sunderland

ALISTAIR Darling is quoted as having said at Tuesday's Conference, "Lets nail this lie that we're cutting spending on disabled people.

"We're spending pounds 2 billion more".

I don't know exactly when he said this... it was probably when my wife and I were being told that our care hours had been cut.

As we are both disabled, I found Mr Darling's comments hard to swallow!

Ian Dickenson, Kent

Check out the prices

I HAVE read and seen a lot about the profits supermarkets make and the prices they charge.

The Government should make it law for items to have the cost price on them - then we could all see how much these supermarkets are really adding on.

Also, some companies market new cans as being easier to open, but then you find there is five grams less in each tin.

Multiplied by millions of cans, that is another hidden price rise.

JJ via email

BARBARA Brown, whose Xmas shopping stretches from January to September (Dear Jo, Sept 28), does not just suffer from SAD (Seasonal Adjustment Disorder) - she IS sad! P McKenzie, Harlow, Essex

WHEN did handkerchiefs and tissues go out of fashion? Every time I see a woman on TV crying, she uses her hands to wipe her eyes and nose. How revolting!

Mrs E Gallogly, London

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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Oct 1, 1999
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