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Dear Jo: Readers' letters.

I share Lena's hell

WHAT a pitiful life Lena Zavaroni led (The Mirror, Oct 4). If you have suffered from anorexia as I have for 45 years you know it is not an easy illness to deal with.

An anorexic person will put up obstacles to anyone that tries to help them. I eat because I was diagnosed with diabetes, but I hate my food.

I eat to live - I do not live to eat. People do not understand how a person can starve themselves.

What they don't understand is that food is the enemy.

Perhaps in a strange way diabetes saved my life, but believe me I still look in the mirror and see a fat person although I weigh under seven stone and am 5ft 6ins tall.

I wish Ms Zavaroni's family all my sympathy. But I urge them not to blame Lena. She really could not help herself. I know.

M Graham Leyton, East London

MY heart went out to Lena Zavaroni when I read of her sad death.

My granddaughter, who is nearly 18, has been suffering with anorexia for the past four years.

Two years ago she was given two weeks to live and her condition was appalling.

She improved, but unfortunately she has recently been re-admitted to a London clinic and her weight has plummeted again to four or five stone.

I do wish they would take anorexia as seriously as other illnesses.

Mrs Carpenter Chelmsford, Essex

HOW very sad it was to see the pictures of Lena Zavaroni.

It reminds me of the other great loss to our entertainment industry, that of Karen Carpenter who also had anorexia.

C Harris Fareham, Hants

I WAS so saddened to hear of the tragic death of Lena Zavaroni at such a young age. She thrilled the nation in the Seventies when she won Opportunity Knocks and should have gone on to become a great star.

To hear of her last days in such circumstances was a crying shame.

Martin Turner Burnley, Lancs

REMARKS by anti-hunt groups that the Countryside Alliance is the "Tory party on horseback" are ridiculous.

Our President is a Labour peer, Baroness Ann Mallalieu; our Chairman, John Jackson, is a member of the centre-left Fabian Society and our Chief Executive, Richard Burge, is a long-standing Labour Party member.

Hunting's opponents should stick to the facts.

Paul Latham

Countryside Alliance

A bit rich, Becks

FOR pounds 18,000 I could buy my house. For pounds 1,000 I could take my wife and two kids on a great holiday. For pounds 3,000 I could buy a decent second- hand car. And for pounds 2,000 I could buy some decent furniture. And out of pounds 25,000 I would still have pounds 1,000 to put into a savings account.

But if I were a certain footballer, pounds 25,000 would cover a night at a fashion show with my wife and a red scarf on my head two days before a Champions League game. I refer of course to David Beckham, who was fined one week's wages for breaking Man Utd's club curfew. Sad, isn't it.

Terry McDonough, Plymouth


BLESS Joanna Lumley for giving her backing to The Mirror's campaign to improve the pensions paid to Gurkha widows (The Mirror, Oct 4), a cause I too fully support. They should be treated the same as the widows of all our other soldiers

W Holdsworth, Leeds

THE Gurkhas have always been brave and gallant. My great-grandfather fought in the Crimea and Sebastapol and went all over India.

His one comment, passed down from generation to generation, was: "The only person I would trust my life to would be a Gurkha". They have always been the best. Let's treat them as such.

E Cruttwell, Harrow Weald, Middlesex

HOW shameful that John Major and Norman Lamont are now trying to blame each other for Black Wednesday. In truth they should both have been dismissed for mis-management of the British economy.

P Akers, Dudley, West Mids

Lad made a case for a present

WHEN we went out shopping together, I told my four-year-old grandson, Hayden, who is spoilt rotten, not to ask for any toys.

As we walked around he managed to find a Star Wars pencil case.

He said: "Grandad, this isn't a toy. Can I have it?"

How could I refuse?

D Wagg, Worcester

OUR neighbour, Ken, a keen gardener, was moaning about the snails and slugs which had nearly ruined his prize vegetable patch this year.

Our five-year-old nephew, who was staying with us, listened to Ken moaning and said: "Why don't you do what my uncle does and throw them back over the fence?"

B Bird Leighton Buzzard, Beds

BENEDICT, my five-year-old grandson, was watching a TV programme about food and saw a chicken being stuffed and trussed ready for cooking.

"Oh the poor little thing", he said, but then added, "What a pity it's so yummy."

M Townsend Harrow, Middx

Kids' Talk

Car makers should plug air pollution

ANY car travelling from A to B is going to produce pollution.

A rural driver is going to produce less than a city driver, due to less congestion.

And the city driver is going to use up more petrol being stuck in traffic - and will ultimately pay more for the same journey.

The city driver will also pay more insurance.

But I ask why the multi-billion pound car industry has not yet produced a good, cheap electric car for city or country use?

We could have "electric car-parks" where drivers re-charge their cars while doing the shopping.

K Gorince Swindon, Wilts

pounds 25 Letter Of The Day

Our boy's last story

I READ in the Voice Of The Mirror about how dangerous it is for journalists to go into war zones. I could not agree more.

My son Malcolm was a reporter for Channel 9 TV in Melbourne, Australia. He was sent to East Timor to cover the Indonesian invasion in 1975. Malcolm and five of his colleagues were brutally murdered, their bodies burned and their ashes buried in Jakarta.

We, the next of kin, are still fighting for a judicial inquiry into their deaths, but have had no help from either the Australian or British governments.

Mina Rennie Ramsey, Isle of Man


callers just get my coat

TWO ladies were talking on the bus. One said: "When the doorbell rings I always slip my coat on."

"Why?" asked the other.

"Because if it's someone I like, I say I've just come home. And if it's someone I don't like, I say I'm just going out," she replied.

I thought this might make you laugh.

J Potter Birmingham

WE'VE all been having a good laugh over William Hague's image.

But The Mirror now hints a certain Ann Widdecombe is on the up.

If this is indeed true, we'll need a government health warning to cope with the hilarity this will create.

Harry Durrant Dover, Kent

LETTER: Tony Blair

I WROTE to The Mirror in June complaining that British Gas had charged me pounds 195.59 to install a pounds 94 thermostat on my cooker.

I also wrote to Tony Blair and British Gas and I just had to tell you my good news - the gas people have sent me a cheque for pounds 100. As we are pensioners it is wonderful news.

C Martin SW London

IT shows where a little complaining can get you - Jo.

BT's bill is on the line to lunacy..

I HAVE just received my phone bill and the charge for calls was pounds 14.67. But with line rental and VAT this became pounds 48.46.

There's hardly a minute when I don't use electricity, but I use the phone only two or three times per week. How can BT possibly charge pounds 26.58 for line rental?

R Smith, Balham

SW London

WHILE I have some sympathy for farmers, they still have their farms.

The miners were not so fortunate. Their places of work were wiped from the face of the earth. Their legacy has been incurable chest diseases.

Harry Hartill ex-miner, Rhydyfelin Mid Glam
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Title Annotation:Features
Author:Dipple, Jo
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Oct 7, 1999
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