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Dear Jo: Readers' letters: Racists will not win.

THANK you for your front page report on the attack on Stephen Lawrence's memorial (The Mirror, July 11).

This memorial is a reminder to us all that the scourge of racism remains.

Attempts to destroy or deface it prove this - but they also demonstrate that the racists realise that Stephen lives on and is influencing change in our society.

They may try to destroy the memorial but they will never succeed in erasing his memory.

Rev Inderjit Bhogal

Sheffield, S Yorks

THAT anyone could vandalise a memorial, much less one to someone who died in such a way as Stephen Lawrence, is really tragic.

The police, who failed to deliver justice for his death, should sort out tighter security. The Lawrence family have suffered enough pain already.

L Crowe, York

WHILE I sympathise with Stephen Lawrence's family regarding the attack on his memorial plaque, do they really expect a 24-hour police surveillance on a piece of pavement? Even graves and headstones in cemeteries are vandalised these days but they do not get all this publicity and sympathy.

Name supplied

Bromley, Kent

I USUALLY praise The Mirror for the way it handles delicate stories. But I was amazed, when the police had a major breakthrough in the hunt for Sarah Payne (July 12), that you put the Queen Mother on the front page rather than the photofit of the man sought - which you relegated to page five.

Mr S Berry, Eastwood, Essex

I WAS dismayed to hear that the move to ban fox hunting was removed from the agenda at Labour's annual policy forum in Exeter last weekend.

Fox hunting has actually been banned before in this country - Winston Churchill did it during the World War II.

He said you could not have the elite out enjoying themselves when people were fighting a war.

The overall fox numbers were not affected and rural life did not disintegrate. At the end of the day, fox hunting is a cruel and barbaric pastime.

Kathy Moyle, Exeter

I READ about the pro-hunting lobby's protest causing traffic chaos on the M4 (Welsh Mirror, July 8),

Their view that fox hunting is a cultural tradition is outrageous.

Putting bairns up chimney stacks and placing unmarried mothers in workhouses were cultural traditions at one time. Surely in the 21st Century we can adopt a more humane method of culling foxes?

Stewart Macdonald


HATS off to The Mirror for being the only national newspaper to recognise the importance of the Human Rights Act (July 12).

It was, as you rightly say, "an historic day".

We welcome the Act as progress towards a modern and fair democracy.

But we are concerned that lack of awareness will mean it becomes a document for lawyers not, as it was intended, for the people. What it does is give a framework for public institutions to ensure they are accountable to those they serve.

All credit to The Mirror for spelling out to its readers what the act means to them.

Pam Giddy, Director Charter88, London

IT'S TIME we acted to stop Hollywood giving Americans credit for events in British history while painting us as villains.

The British Board Of Film Classification should refuse such films a certificate so they can't be shown here.

Hollywood only understands the power of money, so we should hit them where it hurts most.

Roland E Twiner

Sevenoaks, Kent
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jul 14, 2000
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