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Dear Jo: Readers' letters: Dear Jo Mum's NHS nightmare.

I'VE read much about how the NHS is giving up on elderly patients. My mother-in-law, who's 65 and slightly overweight, was rushed into hospital with a brain haemorrhage.

We were told she wouldn't survive longer than 24 hours and they said they would not resuscitate her if she had a heart attack. They asked her son and daughter for permission to use her organs and they refused.

All her family came from around the country to be with her, and they, too, were asked if they would give permission for her organs to be used. Again, they refused.

The next day, she was conscious but in terrible pain. Only very small doses of morphine were given to her, and again we were all asked if we would give permission for her organs to be used. We all continued to refuse.

When she left hospital two weeks later she was fine. She received no after-care and five years later she's still with us.

We believe that had we given permission for her organs to be taken, she'd no longer be with us. My 71-year-old mother is now refusing a badly-needed hip operation as she is frightened she'll never come out of the hospital again.

I believe the NHS doesn't care about treating the elderly as it costs them too much.

Susan Cieciora

Hythe, Kent

I CAN sympathise with those involved in the Paddington rail crash, and they should demand substantial compensation.

I was involved in a rail crash in 1969. One lad was killed and more than 40 of us were injured. I never had a penny compensation despite suffering flashbacks and cold sweats for years. I had to change jobs as I could no longer take the responsibility.

B McCormick

Stanley, Co Durham

JIM Davidson goes on about how great we British are, as if it's some kind of personal achievement.

But I hate racial superiority when it's described, quite wrongly, as being patriotic. No one chooses where to be born, or what colour they will be.

B Dunn, Birmingham

BETTY Boothroyd has decided that breastfeeding will not be allowed in the Commons. Thank God for the voice of reason.

The politically-correct supporters say breast-feeding is perfectly natural.

So is urinating, but I wouldn't want to watch that in a televised debate.

Raymond Kelly Chester-le-Street

Co Durham

READER K Hughes urged us all to use our vote (Dear Jo, May 9). Why should we, if there is no candidate or party on the ballot paper that we fancy?

B Coupe

Bradford, W Yorks
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:May 15, 2000
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