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Dear Jo: Readers' Letters: Rape: the real shame.

I WAS absolutely horrified to read of the gang rape of a 13-year-old girl in broad daylight (The Mirror, Aug 17). Even more shocking is that no one bothered to help her.

My message to her and her family is as follows. "Don't let these men win by ruining your life. You're not alone, and there are many people that support you 100 per cent. Though you'll never forget, it will get better."

My thoughts are with her and her family.

S Gambling, Bognor Regis, W Sussex

HOW heartless I found some of the readers who criticised the couple whose dog Lucy died when left in their car (Dear Jo, Aug 18).

Surely they must realise this wasn't a deliberate act of cruelty, just a sad and unfortunate mistake. The couple looked devastated. My sympathies go out to them.

John Roberts

Grappenhall, Cheshire

YOUR story in Mirror Money (Aug 18) states that legal fees for homebuyers are set to soar. This is incorrect.

The new rule the Law Society has introduced for solicitors who work for homebuyers will, if anything, keep the cost of moving home down.

It sets out clearly the circumstances in which one solicitor can work for both a homebuyer and a mortgage lender on the same house purchase.

This should simplify the homebuying process, saving time and hassle for everyone involved.

Robert Sayer, president, The Law Society

London WC2

WHAT on earth is Paula Yates thinking of? Surely it's better for her daughter to believe her dad committed suicide while in a depressed state than dying while committing obscene acts that went wrong.

T Sinclair, Thames Ditton, Surrey

WHY all the fuss over Jimmy "Five Bellies" Gardner?

All he has ever done is follow Paul Gascoigne around like a lovesick puppy, get drunk, then get angry when people point out the obvious. Gazza has enough problems without being associated with this pointless man.

Billy Cameron

Egremont, Cumbria

IT'S mind-boggling that a pounds 400 reward was offered for eight-year-old Lauren Normyles's missing toy "Dogga" which was eventually found at an airport in the Canaries (The Mirror, Aug 14).

J Fitton, Tyldesley Manchester
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Aug 20, 1999
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