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Dear Jack and Jill.

Dear Jack and Jill:

Writing is my life! I keep journals with seeds for stories and poems and write in my spare time every day I'm sending you two poems, "My Mom" and "Purple," I can't wait to-hear from you!

Jenna K.

My Mom

 Tip-toeing into silence
 Like snow falling on a moonlit night,
 Crunching toes as I leap
 Into the soft, puffy bed,
 Wrapping small arms around the person
 Who is always there for me
 She turns over,
 Gently kisses my colds cheeks
 She laughs quietly and hugs me.
 She's my mom!
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Title Annotation:Rhymes & Verses
Author:K., Jenna
Publication:Jack & Jill
Article Type:Poem
Date:May 1, 2008
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