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Dear Editor, it's your Sue Carroll who needs a good slap, not my daughter; WRITES DANNIELLA WESTBROOK'S MUM, SUE.

DANNIELLA Westbrook's mother has sprung to her defence after a dressing-down from The Mirror's own Sue Carroll.

Ex-EastEnders star Danniella, 24, needed surgery to remove shards of glass from her eye after a crash in which her banned boyfriend Robert Fernadez was at the wheel.

Tough-talking Sue let rip in her new column saying: "If Danniella's face wasn't such a mess, I'd be inclined to give it a good slapping."

Sue said it was "beyond belief" that their 14-month-old baby Kai had been on the back seat when the accident happened. Kai escaped unscathed.

The row comes on the day magistrates told Fernadez, 23, he would probably escape jail for driving while disqualified and having no insurance.

Here is what Danniella's mum had to say about Sue's comments in a letter to the Mirror's Editor.

Dear Editor

SINCE the start of my daughter Danniella's career, I have read many articles about her but never have I felt the need to respond, partly because the nature of them has been totally fictitious.

However, today I feel I must comment on the vindictive tone of Sue Carroll's column (Face it Danni, 4/2/98).

My daughter has, it is true, been through an erratic phase in her life.

Much of her behaviour I would never condone but it is well known among her family, friends and indeed members of your profession that becoming a mother has been the turning point in her life.

She has worked hard, with support, towards returning to the clear-thinking, responsible individual that I raised.

She would never knowingly put her son in a position where he would be at risk.

I would question where Ms Carroll gets her facts from as Danniella was not aware of the ban on Robert the week before, as reported in her column. I find it appalling beyond all belief that anyone could accuse somebody of deliberately placing their child at risk.

I can only assume that Ms Carroll is not a mother herself as presumably she would know the feelings a mother has towards their child.

I would suggest at this point that perhaps Ms Carroll's face needs the slapping to wake her up to the realities of this sad situation, for which Danniella was not to blame.

Danniella's adult life has been full of ups and downs but whether in or out of the spotlight she has been endlessly pursued by the Press pack.

Indeed since the accident both she and I have had to contend with reporters sitting outside our respective homes.

I should like to remind you that it was this kind of persistent, cruel reporting that led to the demise of the late Princess of Wales.

My daughter was at last "getting her head together".

She does not need the likes of Ms Carroll, and her second- rate reporting, but support and kindness, which I am happy to say she is receiving from those who truly know Danniella.
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Title Annotation:Features
Author:Westbrook, Sue
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Feb 10, 1998
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