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QI live in a bungalow which has white pebble dash and a massive brown stain has appeared on the gable end. Is there a blocker I can use for this before I get the house painted? Marie Boyle, Northampton ga fo M A It is probably rust from metal beneath, so find the source then cut it out and patch that section. Next, apply Zinsser B-I-N Primer Sealer and Stain Killer over the rest of the stain. Or apply over the full stain if you cannot find the source.

ap St ap th QI have had a gyprock wall plastered and painted but a patch at the bottom won't dry out. I discovered an air vent covered in soil and unblocked it, which helped a bit, but after bad weather it's as bad as ever. Any suggestions? Janice Scott, by email di an bu AI would check that you haven't bridged your damp-proof course. Since you're saying the vent was blocked, it sounds like the ground level has been raised over the years. Dig back the soil from the wall so the soil/ground level is below the damp-proof course.

Q My son's bedroom gets mouldy every autumn. His room is above our well-ventilated bathroom and both are in an extension. The mould is worst at the back of his wardrobe, despite a few inches clearance between it and the external wall. We have tried anti-fungal paint. What else can we do? Daniel McAreavay, by email A Check that a cavity tray has been installed where the top of the extension meets the house. It would stop water from penetrating down the external wall where it turns into an internal wall of the extension.

Q My son is replacing the rendering on his house which was built in the 1930s. What should he use? Bernard Gardner, by email A Look at either K Rend or JUB. I have used both and the JUB is more expensive and probably a higher specification. You can contact their rep and they will come and spec it for you.

SEND YOUR QUESTIONS TO: donny's top tip Check your radiators are running efficiently by feeling if they are hot at the top and bottom. If they are hot at the bottom but cold at the top they need to be bled of air.

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Oct 15, 2016
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