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Q The windows in the living room of my council flat are very draughty. You can feel the wind coming through them. Is there anything I can do about it that won't cost a fortune? Susan McMahon by email A Contact your local council, as they must keep housing energy efficient and comfortable. Otherwise, there are a few different types of draught proofing. The best is a system fitted into the sides of the window and pressed against the frame. This is fitted by a tradesman.

The cheaper versions are brushes fitted over the face of the window covering the gap between the window and the frame - you can do this yourself.

Q We had double glazing fitted seven years ago, but now we're getting mould growing on the sealants. There's a 10-year guarantee but the company says it is not their problem, as I kept the windows closed. I have used mould removal products but they didn't work.

Sue Davies, Warwickshire A There is nothing worse than a company not honouring its guarantee and then making out it is your fault. Once the mould has grown through the sealant, then you need to replace the sealant. It's not a difficult job for a trades person, but might be a bit messy for you. I would go back to the double glazing company and ask them to pay for a professional to do this. They may be more open to this idea than replacing the whole unit.

Donny's tip Using your shed or garage for storage this winter? Place your items on a pallet. It will prevent them from drawing up moisture and dampness from the ground.

Q What is the best way to remove Thompson's sealant from my three-year-old coloured paving slabs? Ian McKenzie by email AI found this number for the Thompson's information line: 0114 240 9469. They'll be able to tell you exactly which solvent to use. You shouldn't have to wait too long.

Q How can I remove egg yolk that has been thrown on to the outside of a house wall which has been harled.

Stephen Davidson by email A Total nightmare, especially once it dries. Harling is a cement gravel slurry style of roughcast and is painted when finished, so repainting may be the solution. I had the same problem on sandstone and I tried power-washing and then scrubbing with baking soda and hot water, which got rid of some of it. I used a texture surface remover but that will not work for you. Try a steam cleaner, or your other option is paint.

Quick Fix temporary blinds from PS7, The Californian Company Product of the week QUICK-FIX INSTANT TEMPORARY BLINDS I like this product as it's more durable than the name suggests. They are dead easy to install - just cut to size with scissors - and they actually look good, too. QTE I like than easy sciss too.
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Title Annotation:Features; Opinion, Column
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Dec 22, 2012
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