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Deanna Sirlin.

My art revolves around the language of painting, abstraction, gesture, and color in the contexts of the times and places where the works were made, contexts that inevitably influence my choices.

Through my varied and diverse approaches to making art--painting, installation, public art, writing, and other projects--I participate in two ongoing dialogues. The first and more immediate dialogue is with the viewer, when I place my images in their field of perception. I also feel myself to be part of an historical continuum of artists who make paintings. This dialogue with the tradition of painting extends from the past and goes on to the future.

I have long sought to present my work in both traditional and non-traditional venues. My work can be seen on the street, in gardens, on light boards, even on stairs or in a fountain, as well as in museums and galleries. The work takes on various forms, as I address different sites and audiences with the intention of drawing the viewer in as a witness to new ideas about what painting may be and where it can be found.

The elements of painting on which I focus and translate through different media are gesture, brushstroke, and color. Gesture is the point at which the brushstroke meets the body of the artist in ways that can be intuited by the viewer. My work is defined by strokes of paint that are attached with color. Through interaction and contamination between the strokes in the painting, a system emerges; one that does not follow logic but is based instead on affinities and inclinations between and among its elements that emerge in the course of art-making.

Caption: Always, 2017 Mixed media collage 11" by 8.5"

Caption: City, 2017 Mixed media collage 11" by 8.5"

Caption: Home, 2017 Mixed media collage 11" by 8.5"

Caption: Just, 2017 Mixed media collage 11" by 8.5"

Caption: Many, 2017 Mixed media collage 11" by 8.5"

Caption: What I Mean, 2017 Mixed media collage 11" by 8.5"

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Title Annotation:VISUAL ARTS
Author:Sirlin, Deanna
Publication:Black Renaissance/Renaissance Noire
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Date:Jan 1, 2018
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