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Deals for dealers.

After receiving complaints that its dealer pricing structure announced at the 2007 SHOT Show was complicated, BlackHawk adopted a more streamlined and simplified approach to dealer pricing. On the high end, a quarter million dollars in sales expectations gets you a 50 percent discount on the majority of BlackHawk products. Discounts get smaller as orders get smaller. However, even the smallest shop can place orders and expect a decent profit margin through nine current distributors: AcuSport, Amchar, Ellett Brothers, Kroll International, Midwest Gun Exchange, Moteng, RSR, Sports South and Tactical Gear Distributor.


BlackHawk offers dealers an assortment of racks and other display options at low cost. One of the latest display stands holds the popular SERPA holster and one of the new BlackHawk dummy guns. This makes it easier for customers to appreciate the hidden release mechanism of the concealable security holster.

The holster can be displayed on an upright rack that allows the customer to stand next to the display and get a feel of drawing the dummy gun as if the holster was strapped to his belt. This is a definite "sales enhancer." At the SHOT Show, the innovative display tool proved to be a people magnet. It will do the same in your store.

Gun dealers tell me the CQC carbon fiber concealable speed holster and, particularly, the similarly constructed but snatch-resistant SERPA, are their big sellers. The CQC is catching on big time in IDPA (International Defensive Pistol Association) competition, with world practical shooting champ Todd Jarrett currently using one in matches. I'm also seeing the SERPA on the hips of more plainclothes and off-duty cops, lawmen in administrative or fatigue uniforms, and ordinary private citizens who are wary of punks trying to snatch their guns.

BlackHawk offers a lot of crossover in its product lines, which is good for you and your customers. The SERPAs are a good example. In the uniform line (military and police), BlackHawk offers a lot of MOLLE gear. Soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan are starting to move away from thigh holsters, preferring chest holsters.

The reason: When standing waist-high in the hatch of a tank or other armored vehicle, they find it difficult to reach down through the narrow hatch to draw a pistol from the thigh, but can quickly reach it on the chest. The new BlackHawk MOLLE-style chest attachment works on GI-issue, load-bearing vests or on BlackHawk's own improved products of that type.

BlackHawk's flashlight division, Night-Ops, should have its newest gun-mounted light available by the time you read this. It is intended to be the smallest and most streamlined on the market, and it's low-priced. You already know what a hot seller the attachable gun-mounted flashlight is in the civilian self-defense market.

BlackHawk will have a full line of holsters available that will accept a gun with the flashlight mounted. One variation, intended for snatch-resistance, will have a proprietary thumb-release lock.
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Title Annotation:Lethal force
Author:Ayoob, Massad
Publication:Shooting Industry
Date:Jul 1, 2007
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