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Dealing with counter-clockwise torque.


Dear Editor,

Most mechanics don't realize that torque wrenches are calibrated by TMDE only in the clockwise direction. What makes that a problem is that some of the larger vehicles like the M939s and M977s require some wheel lugs to be torqued counterclockwise. As a result, the lugs may not be torqued correctly because the torque wrench may not give the correct reading. Disaster could follow.

Please make mechanics aware of this.

SFC David Leach

Vilseck, Germany

Editor's note:

You bet we will, Sergeant.

Units that must torque counterclockwise with their torque wrenches should ask their TMDE folks to calibrate their wrenches both clockwise and counterclockwise. When they're finished calibrating, TMDE will stick a red band with CW/CCW on the wrench showing that it has been calibrated in both directions. If a wrench doesn't have a red band on it, don't trust it for counterclockwise torqueing.

If you have any questions about special calibration, contact TMDE's George Fox at (256) 955-0025, DSN 645-0025, or email:
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Date:Sep 1, 2008
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