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Dealing with a bad JBoss.

The Java Beans Open Source Software (JBoss) is used with the Electronic Maintenance Systems Next Generation (EMS NG) viewer for IETMs and ETMs.

Soldiers are sometimes getting an error when they boot up EMS NG saying the JBoss web server can't be found.

Here's how to check if your computer has JBoss:

For computers running Windows XP Army Gold Master (AGM):

1. Left-click the Start Menu and then click on Control Panels.

2. Click on Administrative Tools.

3. Click on Services.

4. Scroll down to EMSNG JBOSS Service.

5. If the service is present, but the status column is blank, right-click the service and select Start to start JBoss.

6. If EMSNG JBoss Service doesn't appear, uninstall and reinstall the EMS NG.

For computers running Windows 7 AGM:

1. Click the Start Menu button.

2. Right-click Computer.

3. Launch Manage.

4. Left-click Services and Applications to expand if necessary.

5. In the Services screen, scroll down to EMSNG JBoss Service.

6. If the service is present, but the status column is blank, right-click the service and click on Start to start JBoss.

7. If JBoss doesn't appear, uninstall and reinstall the EMS NG viewer following the instructions in the user guide. See Step 6 in the XP instructions above.

Go to and click on Viewer under "Downloads." Go to Page 18 of the EMS NG viewer guide for information on reinstalling the EMS NG.

The EMS NG viewer 2.1.8 will no longer use JBoss, although JBoss will still be available for viewing information from the old viewer. Viewer 2.1.8 will be available in September, 2013. Soldiers who are on the EMS mailing list will be notified when the new version is available for download. When Soldiers update their Maintenance Support Devices, the new viewer will automatically be added.

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