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I could go deaf if I have another baby; tv presenter raises awareness of hearing condition to help mums. DIANNE BOURNE @diannebourne Jul 26, 2021 744
Deafness Support Network helps tackle loneliness in the community. Jun 24, 2021 343
Charity celebrates 45 years of helping those with hearing loss. Jun 17, 2021 465
Deaf sheepdog learns sign language so she can continue rounding up livestock; 'She's proof that you can teach an old dog new tricks'. By, Daniel Smith Jun 15, 2021 704
Deaf sheepdog forced to retire learns sign language to return to work tending flocks; Border collie Peggy was given to the RSPCA and animal welfare manager Chloe Shorten was determined to help the nine-year-old return to work -translating commands such as 'come-bye' and 'steady' into body language and hand signals. By, Louie Smith Jun 14, 2021 383
NO BARRIER TO MUSIC; Deafness and disability have not stopped composer Sonia Allori from excelling in the musical career she has always dreamed of, writes Jamie Wilde. Jamie Wilde Jun 12, 2021 892
Dad's lucky escape after car ploughs into front of house. CLAIRE HARRISON News Reporter Jun 9, 2021 451
Silent running; The Abbot family must make a terrifying soundless dash for sanctuary in this tense horror sequel. A QUIET PLACE PART II (15) BY ANDY LEA Jun 6, 2021 368
'I went totally deaf as a child but taught myself how to hear again' Will Moseley-Roberts, 19, was told not to aim too high but was determined to get into medical school and follow his dream of becoming a doctor. Education editor Abbie Wightwick reports. Abbie Wightwick May 26, 2021 1181
'I went totally deaf but taught myself how to hear again'; Will Moseley-Roberts, 19, was told not to aim too high but was determined to get into medical school and follow his dream of becoming a doctor. By, Abbie Wightwick May 23, 2021 1267
'I never thought I was disabled but I taught myself to hear again'; Will Moseley-Roberts, 19, from Cardiff, defied those who told him not to aim too high, and is now studying to becoming a doctor after teaching himself to hear again following cochlear implant surgery. By, Abbie Wightwick May 23, 2021 1270
JI announces countrywide protests against Israel on 21st. May 17, 2021 244
Hemel Hempstead Metro Bank colleagues sign up to Deaf Awareness Week; Improving their understanding of what deaf and hard of hearing customers experience. Reporter May 14, 2021 462
Meghan's a contender in tone deaf Olympics; STATESIDE Follow him on Twitter @chrisbucktin. May 8, 2021 564
Cochlear Implants May Help You Hear Better: For some older adults, hearing aids aren't enough to compensate for age-related hearing loss. May 1, 2021 1317
Face masks close another door for deaf. Apr 21, 2021 205
Miracle? Man speaks after 19 years of silence. Apr 19, 2021 839
Deaf sight-loss graduate hails 'lifeline' charity. Apr 19, 2021 234
Can You Completely Recover From Deafness? Apr 14, 2021 921
Film reviews: Sound of Metal | Chaos Walking; Riz Ahmed's portrayal of a drummer coming to terms with losing his hearing in Sound of Metal is unshowy but spectacular, writes Alistair Harkness. Alistair Harkness Apr 7, 2021 968
BERT'S SIMPLE HEARING TEST. DENIS KILCOMMONSWry look at life from our man in Honley ... email him at Mar 16, 2021 197
Best to hide it if you are hard of hearing February 9, 1970; TALKBACK. Mar 8, 2021 312
National award for healthcare student; deafness is no barrier, he says of his success. ANNA TWIZELL @annatwizell Mar 3, 2021 409
1 in 4 people may have hearing problems by 2050 -WHO. Mar 3, 2021 294
Identification of Three Novel and One Known Mutation in the WFS1 Gene in Four Unrelated Turkish Families: The Role of Homozygosity Mapping in the Early Diagnosis. Sherif, Maha; Demirbilek, Huseyin; Cayir, Atilla; Tahir, Sophia; Cavdarli, Busra; Demiral, Meliha; C Report Mar 1, 2021 6522
HMC's World Hearing Day event highlights causes and prevention of hearing loss. Feb 24, 2021 526
HMC's World Hearing Day event highlights causes and prevention of hearing loss. Feb 24, 2021 507
Hearing, speech impaired teen speaks through art. Jan 21, 2021 703
Hearing, speech impaired teen speaks through art. Jan 21, 2021 743
Saudi artist proves disability is no barrier to success. Caline Malek Jan 13, 2021 1381
Festive fancy dress raises charity cash. Jan 7, 2021 367
MENTORS, ROLE MODELS, AND PEERS: Both of my children, Ethan who is 19 years old and Gavin who is 16 years old, have Usher syndrome type 1; they were born deaf, are progressively losing their vision, and have severe balance issues. As seeing/hearing parents, my husband and I recognized the need to provide our children with mentors, role models, and peers. This certainly meant looking for individuals who had Usher syndrome but also included individuals with other disabilities who faced adversity successfully. Also included was our need as parents to connect with other parents who have had similar experiences. Aasen, Pamela Jan 1, 2021 2652
Audiological and Surgical Outcomes of Pediatric Cochlear Implantation in Mondini's Dysplasia: Our Experience. Kumari, Abha; Arumugam, Senthil Vadivu; Malik, Virender; Goyal, Sunil; Kameswaran, Mohan Jan 1, 2021 3226
Cochlear Implantation Outcomes in Patients with Mitochondrial Hearing Loss: A Systematic Review and Narrative Synthesis. Zia, Nawal; Nikookam, Yasmin; Muzaffar, Jameel; Kullar, Peter; Monksfield, Peter; Bance, Manohar Jan 1, 2021 5514
Bilateral Hearing Loss Due to Metastatic Gastric Signet Cell Adenocarcinoma Involving the Internal Auditory Canal and Cerebellopontine Angle. Bassiouni, Mohamed; Olze, Heidi; Arens, Philipp Jan 1, 2021 1793
Different Phenotypes Caused by the Unique Mutation in the Same Family with Mitochondrial Encephalomyopathy. Hai-ping Xia, Feng-Nan Niu, Biao Jin, Kang-Ren Zhao, Rui Ma and Ming Yu Dec 31, 2020 1696
Jessie: I went deaf on Christmas Eve; Singer taken to hospital with ear disease. ASHLEIGH RAINBIRD Diary Editor Dec 29, 2020 411
Need to address hearing loss at birth stressed. Dec 28, 2020 377
In 'Sound of Metal,' a groundbreaking portrait of deafness. Lindsey Bahr Associated Press Dec 5, 2020 802
Sudden deafness shakes up a drummer's life in 'Sound of Metal'. Mark Kennedy Associated Press Movie review Dec 4, 2020 568
Deafness Support Network appoint new chief executive. Dec 3, 2020 438
My Turn / Liquor ban. Dec 1, 2020 475
Ophthalmic Abnormalities among Children Treated with Cochlear Implants. Ayhan, Ziya; Durankaya, Serpil Mungan; Ankan, Gul; Kirkim, Gunay; Cetin, Ash Cakir; Olgun, Yuksel; G Dec 1, 2020 2833
Bone Anchored Hearing Aids for the Treatment of Asymmetric Hearing Loss. Bruschini, Luca; Canelli, Rachele; Morandi, Andrea; Cambi, Christina; Fiacchini, Giacomo; Berrettini Dec 1, 2020 3717
Outcomes of Cochlear Implantation in Patients with Post-Meningitis Deafness: A Systematic Review and Narrative Synthesis. Singhal, Kaajal; Singhal, Juhi; Muzaffar, Jameel; Monksfield, Peter; Bance, Manohar Dec 1, 2020 12265
Cochlear Implantation Outcomes in Post Synaptic Auditory Neuropathies: A Systematic Review and Narrative Synthesis. Chaudhry, Daoud; Chaudhry, Abdullah; Muzaffar, Jameel; Monksfield, Peter; Bance, Manohar Dec 1, 2020 12584
SYNERGY: ABLEISM. Lamb, Annette Dec 1, 2020 211
Scientist's tinnitus nightmare. Nov 11, 2020 278
Scientist tells of living with fear of going deaf. DENNY ANDONOVA Nov 10, 2020 650
Hearing Loss Raises Your Risks of Falls, Anxiety, and Social Isolation: Have your hearing checked, and don't let concerns about your appearance keep you from wearing hearing aids. Oct 1, 2020 782
The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act: A Comparison of State Eligibility Criteria. Dragoo, Kyrie E. Report Oct 1, 2020 20055
Hearing Loss Increases Risk of Falls, Dementia. Oct 1, 2020 300
New 44 Scotland Street Chapter 37: Homo Neanderthalis; Angus called out "Cyril, Cyril! Get out of there! Immediately!" He was addressing the dog's hindquarters, though, and the metronome of Cyril's tail, set at an excited prestissimo, continued to wag at an impossible rate. Alexander McCall Smith Sep 29, 2020 1158
TV spotlight falls on Valleys family. NATHAN BEVAN Reporter Sep 24, 2020 489
I thought ear wax was causing tinnitus but it was a brain tumour; Post-grad plans 75km walk to raise awareness. VIVIENNE AITKEN Health Editor Sep 7, 2020 343
Clinical value of abnormal MRI findings in patients with unilateral sudden sensorineural hearing loss. Min, Xiao-Hong; Gu, Hua; Zhang, Yi; Li, Kun; Pan, Zhen-Yu; Jiang, Tao Sep 1, 2020 4834
The Unbearable Deafness of Power: A story of rape in a world of privilege. Khan, Shamus Sep 1, 2020 2061
A Neurophysiological Study of Musical Pitch Identification in Mandarin-Speaking Cochlear Implant Users. Cai, Jieqing; Liu, Yimeng; Yao, Minyun; Xu, Muqing; Zhang, Hongzheng Aug 31, 2020 7878
Hearing Phenotypes of Patients with Hearing Loss Homozygous for the GJB2 c.235delc Mutation. Guo, Chang; Huang, Sha-Sha; Yuan, Yong-Yi; Zhou, Ying; Wang, Ning; Kang, Dong-Yang; Yang, Su-Yan; Zh Aug 31, 2020 7621
ASSOCIATION OF AGE WITH HEARING REHABILITATION AFTER COCHLEAR IMPLANT. Fizza Naeem, Sayed Nusrat Raza, Taimoor Ashraf Khan and Um e Aiman Aug 31, 2020 2449
Hospital and health administrator level barriers and priorities for National Neonatal Hearing Screening in Pakistan: A thematic analysis. Nazia Mumtaz and Ghulam Saqulain Aug 8, 2020 3269
A Study of Outcome of Pediatric Cochlear Implantation in Patients with Cochleovestibular Nerve Deficiency. Arumugam, Senthil Vadivu; Nair, Geetha; Paramasivan, Vijaya Krishnan; Goyal, Sunil; Murali, Sathiya; Report Aug 1, 2020 3685
The Outcome of Prompt Concomitant Single-Dose High-Concentration Intratympanic and Tapered Low-Dose Oral Systemic Corticosteroid Treatment for Sudden Deafness. Kordis, Spela; Vozel, Domen; Hribar, Manja; Urbancic, Nina Bozanic; Battelino, Saba Aug 1, 2020 4400
Progressive Deformity of the Lower Limbs in a Patient with KID (Keratitis-Ichthyosis-Deafness) Syndrome. Kozhevnikov, Oleg; Kralina, Svetlana; Yurasova, Yulia; Kenis, Vladimir; Kircher, Susanne Gerit; Kais Jul 31, 2020 3387
Honest Truth. Jul 26, 2020 649
The ERA and the Dynamic of Deafness. Mansbridge, Jane Jul 1, 2020 2219
Hard-of-Hearing Individuals' Narratives of Inclusion and Exclusion of their Schooled EFL Learning /Narrativas de personas con dificultades auditivas sobre su inclusion y exclusion en el aprendizaje del ingles como lengua extranjera. Castillo, Rigoberto; Flórez-Martelo, Laura-Stefany Report Jul 1, 2020 6459
UAE's first fully awake cochlear implant surgery performed. Jun 30, 2020 419
Exporters denounce one-sided budget. Jun 14, 2020 295
Jervell and Lange-Nielsen Syndrome due to a Novel Compound Heterozygous KCNQ1 Mutation in a Chinese Family. Qiu, Yue; Chen, Sen; Wu, Xia; Zhang, Wen-Juan; Xie, Wen; Jin, Yuan; Xie, Le; Xu, Kai; Bai, Xue; Zhan May 31, 2020 4787
PS1m deafence; Military shells out to prevent hearing loss to band members. EXCLUSIVE BY ALAN SELBY May 10, 2020 172
Military has [pounds sterling]1million plan for high tech earplugs to stop bandsmen going deaf; EXCLUSIVE The deal with see [pounds sterling]250,000 spent every four years to safeguard hearing, while still allowing bands to perform. By, Alan Selby May 9, 2020 197
Genedrive and Inspiration Healthcare to distribute neonatal hearing loss test in UK & Ireland. Apr 25, 2020 331
Deaf Centre launches recruitment drive. Apr 2, 2020 453
SCHOOL FOR AUTISM AND SCHOOL FOR THE DEAF KEEPS FAMILIES TOGETHER: Pressley Ridge's new School for Autism and School for the Deaf on the North Side of Pittsburgh not only encourages its students to reach their fullest potential, it allows them to engage and thrive in meaningful relationships with their family. Apr 1, 2020 730
Transient Vertigo with Horizontal Nystagmus to Loud Noise and Pressure: Utricular Hydrops or Vestibular Atelectasis? Hassannia, Fatemeh; Carr, Simon D.; Rutka, John A. Clinical report Apr 1, 2020 1709
Generation of Otic Lineages from Integration-Free Human-Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells Reprogrammed by mRNAs. Boddy, Sarah L.; Romero-Guevara, Ricardo; Ji, Ae-Ri; Unger, Christian; Corns, Laura; Marcotti, Walte Mar 31, 2020 5517
Media Contact. Marge Plasmier Mar 28, 2020 690
Genedrive baby deafness test moves forward. Mar 19, 2020 511
Youths 'would hide deafness on job form' I Can Do That! WITH TOM DOWLING FOR PEOPLE WHO WON'T LET DISABILITY GET IN THE WAY. TOM DOWLING Mar 13, 2020 432
Beethoven will be explored at final concert of season for club. Mar 11, 2020 170
Health ministry tackles hearing loss, deafness. Mar 10, 2020 392
Special girls to get free training. Mar 10, 2020 291
The Doc Replies; Our expert answers your medical questions. Feb 23, 2020 368
Deaf soccer 'legends' back new team. Feb 20, 2020 242
WE'RE ALL GOING DEAF. Beckstrand, Tom Feb 19, 2020 1215
MoD FACING PS100MILLION COMPO BILL; Payouts over deafness rocket. Sean Rayment Feb 16, 2020 278
FORCES FACE RECORD HEARING LOSS CLAIMS; Payouts set to hit PS100m. SEAN RAYMENT Feb 16, 2020 288
FORCES FACE RECORD HEARING LOSS CLAIMS; Payouts set to hit PS100m. SEAN RAYMENT Feb 16, 2020 294
Forces facing [pounds sterling]100m compensation bill over troops suffering post-combat deafness; Up to 2,000 serving and former military personnel are understood to be planning legal claims. By, Sean Rayment Feb 15, 2020 315
Former players reunite to aid next generation; Football. Feb 6, 2020 264
Anonychia congenita in different generations of a single Saudi family. Nooh, Deemah M. Bin; Hegazi, Tarek M.; Bukhari, Iqbal A. Feb 1, 2020 1743
Turkmen surgeons perform first hearing restoration surgery. Jan 23, 2020 136
Genetic test to protect babies from hearing loss; ONE IN 500 NEWBORNS SUFFERS DEAFNESS AFTER ANTIBIOTICS. BETH ABBIT Jan 23, 2020 367
Migori public beat up 'beggar' for faking deafness to solicit money. Jan 21, 2020 329
Newborn ear screening will curb hearing loss burden, says medic. Jan 6, 2020 583
Bank staff tot up PS850 for charity. Jan 2, 2020 466
New lip reading classes planned this year. Jan 1, 2020 270
The Cross-Modal Effects of Sensory Deprivation on Spatial and Temporal Processes in Vision and Audition: A Systematic Review on Behavioral and Neuroimaging Research since 2000. Bell, Laura; Wagels, Lisa; Neuschaefer-Rube, Christiane; Fels, Janina; Gur, Raquel E.; Konrad, Kerst Dec 31, 2019 16210
Sign language choir wow Christmas shoppers. Dec 26, 2019 311
Baba Vanga Predictions: Donald Trump Will Become Deaf And Mortally Sick In 2020. Pooja Prabbhan Dec 25, 2019 386
For John T Williams of the Nuu-Chah-Nulth tribe. Antrobus, Raymond Poem Dec 22, 2019 270
Parents in denial to accept deafness of children - Mokgosi. Dec 11, 2019 468
ECHOS of the past. Dec 10, 2019 319
Sounds Like Home: Growing Up Black and Deaf in the South; 20th Anniversary Edition. Book review Dec 1, 2019 172
Streptococcus suis-Associated Meningitis, Bali, Indonesia, 2014-2017. Susilawathi, Ni Made; Tarini, Ni Made Adi; Fatmawati, Ni Nengah Dwi; Mayura, Putu I.B.; Suryapraba, Dec 1, 2019 6407
Cochlear Implantation in Congenital Long-QT Syndrome: A Comprehensive Study. Anto, Ronald; Maheswari, Sudha; Vadivu, Senthil; Kameswaran, Mohan Clinical report Dec 1, 2019 3509
The Long-Term Efficacy of Cochlear Implantation for Hearing Loss in Muckel-Wells Syndrome. Ogawa, Bakushi; Aoki, Mitsuhiro; Ohnishi, Hidenori; Ohashi, Toshimitsu; Hayashi, Hisamitsu; Kuze, Bu Dec 1, 2019 2495
Cochlear Implantation after Bromate Intoxication-Induced Bilateral Deafness: A Case Report. Sung-Won, Choi; Youngmo, Cho Dec 1, 2019 2096
Bilateral Facial Paralysis and Deafness in a Child Treated for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Lucena, Rafael V.; Fernandes, Yuri C.F.; Pazinatto, Debora B.; Maunsell, Rebecca C.K. Nov 30, 2019 3462
Linkage analysis of hearing impairment in families of Bannu District. Farmanullah, Jabbar Khan, Muhammad Ismail, Muhammad Rafi, Ehsanullah and Abdullah Jalal Nov 30, 2019 2930
Genedrive's David Budd hails CE mark for its infant hearing loss test. Nov 30, 2019 142
Lise presents awards to a special group. Nov 28, 2019 457
A gift of hearing. Nov 28, 2019 663
Music Career Might Bring Ringing in the Ears. Nov 22, 2019 383
Genedrive gets CE mark for baby deafness diagnostic test. Nov 19, 2019 301
Impact of Visual Instructions on Oral Health Status of Children with Sensory Impairment in Western Maharashtra. James, Christina Sarah; Shivakumar, K.M. Nov 18, 2019 3856
How to discover if your dog is deaf, and what to do if they are; WITH MARTIN PATERSON OF DONALDSON'S VETS. vet 's corner Nov 14, 2019 475
Inclusive opportunities for deaf community needed - De Lima. Nov 10, 2019 340
Escaped death, went deaf: Kayitesi writes book on 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi. Nov 8, 2019 426
Firework advice to avoid deafness. Nov 7, 2019 127
Nicolas Guagnini: BORTOLAMI. Wilson, Michael Nov 1, 2019 586
Deafness Support Network is granted Trusted Charity Mark. Oct 31, 2019 172
PBM distributes 66,660 wheel chairs, 2,026 tricycles to deserving special persons. Oct 30, 2019 214
Signing choir get festive slot to perform in city. Oct 24, 2019 385
I Became Deaf At Age Of Two Due To Medical Complications -Chidi Olujie. Oct 12, 2019 1576
Youth group picking up good vibrations ? Members of Youth Vibe on one of their various excursions. Oct 10, 2019 231
Genedrive gets approval to trial baby deafness test in NHS hospitals. Oct 8, 2019 301
NHS Ethics Approval Granted For Genedrive MT-RNR1 Screening Test Trial. Oct 7, 2019 315
'WHEN NEL TURNS TO SOUND WE ALL JUMP AND CHEER' Cardiff mum Elen Naughton's second daughter Nel was born profoundly deaf but now, thanks to an implant, she can hear sounds for the first time. This, in her own words, is Elen's story... Oct 6, 2019 923
I face going completely deaf but sign language class has given me a lifeline; Jennifer praises Paisley group. ALISON RENNIE Oct 5, 2019 410
The heartbreaking reality of finding out your baby daughter is deaf - and what it's like seeing her hear for the first time; 'She cried at the initial shock of hearing our voices for the first time, but then turned to give me the biggest hug'. Ruth Mosalski Oct 5, 2019 1072
Mum will never forget moment deaf daughter was able to hear for the first time; Elen Naughton's second daughter Nel was born profoundly deaf but thanks to a Cochlear implant she can now hear. By, Ruth Mosalski Oct 5, 2019 634
Mild deafness in children leads to changes in how brain processes sound. ANI Oct 2, 2019 502
Applied Genetic, Otonomy announce strategic collaboration for gene therapy. Oct 1, 2019 105
Linlithgow opticians show signs of success for locals. Sep 27, 2019 295
New Philharmonic celebrates life with Beethoven's 'Ode to Joy'. Natalia Dagenhart Sep 25, 2019 1089
A listening ear to help learn about deafness; Roadshow: Youngsters taught how to understand condition. Sep 19, 2019 313
The deaf girl left wandering the streets all night after pride festival in Cardiff; With CCTV unable to spot her 21 year old Shannon spent the night alone on a Cardiff bench. Sep 13, 2019 664
Oticon introduces hearing aids for severe-to-profound hearing loss. Sep 3, 2019 280
Oticon introduces hearing aids for severe-to-profound hearing loss. Sep 3, 2019 268
Oticon introduces hearing aids for severe-to-profound hearing loss. Sep 3, 2019 280
Teenager left deaf and blind after 10-year diet of sausage, chips and crisps; He told doctors he did not like the 'texture' of fruit and vegetables. Sep 3, 2019 1012
JAM STAR BRUCE GOING DEAF; 40 years playing the hits takes toll on bass hero. Sep 2, 2019 318
JAM STAR: I'VE BEGUN TO GO DEAF; Bassist Bruce blames tinnitus on gigs. Sep 2, 2019 186
First-Line Molecular Genetic Evaluation of Autosomal Recessive Non-Syndromic Hearing Loss. Ozyilmaz, Berk; Mercan, Gul Caner; Kirbiyik, Ozgur; Ozdemir, Taha Resid; Ozkara, Samira; Kaya, Ozge Sep 1, 2019 6211
Call If You Can, Text If You Can't: A Dismediation of U.S. Emergency Communication Infrastructure. Ellcessor, Elizabeth Sep 1, 2019 8755
Auris Medical forms Scientific Advisory Board fr tinnitus programs. Aug 26, 2019 118
I'd love someone to do more for our deaf kids; capaldi signing mum hits out Plea to close school attainment gap. Aug 19, 2019 337
Restoring Sound-Detecting Cells in Ear. Aug 10, 2019 833
Heartwarming moment deaf girl signs entire Lewis Capaldi song in hope he'll see it; After posting a video 'signing along' to the hit song, ten-year-old Niamdh Braid hopes the Scottish singer will invite her on stage at upcoming festival. Jul 28, 2019 554
Desire leads to success. Jul 10, 2019 186
Saving Beethoven: Preventing Hereditary Deafness. Jul 10, 2019 1665
I've been lip reading for years but didn't realise I was deaf; CORRIE LEGEND SHERRIE ON HOW HEARING AIDS TRANSFORMED HER LIFE. Jun 23, 2019 1260
Deaf support at school. Jun 19, 2019 205
Rip Van Winkle. Jun 14, 2019 376
Deafness Support is boosted by Races firm. Jun 6, 2019 360
Match referees fear whistle use causes deafness. Jun 2, 2019 214
ACTIVE MIDDLE EAR VIBRANT SOUNDBRIDGE SOUND IMPLANT. Pegan, Alan; Ries, Mihael; Ajduk, Jakov; Bedekovic, Vladimir; Ivkic, Mirko; Trotic, Robert Jun 1, 2019 3083
A case with a de novo heterozygote ACTG1 variant: Genotype-phenotype correlation. Kablan, Ahmet; Aliyeva, Lamiya; Sag, Sebnem; Temel, Sehime Gulsun Jun 1, 2019 262
FD Financial and FH1-40 Company Are Marketing Worldwide the Only One of Its Kind L140, a Hearing Test for the Infant In Utero. May 30, 2019 474
Students dodge mob on Africa cycle to help deaf. May 29, 2019 169
AND RADIO GA GA. May 28, 2019 124
Long after guns fall silent, Mosul residents suffer hearing loss. May 26, 2019 713
Catholic's deafness no obstacle to practicing a corporal work of mercy. Neville, Jennifer Interview May 17, 2019 982
Call to support deaf awareness. May 7, 2019 170
HEALTH NOTES. May 7, 2019 272
HEALTH NOTES. May 7, 2019 289
Martin Bagot's HEALTH NOTES. May 7, 2019 287
Week of action on hearing loss; CHARITY. May 6, 2019 110
Donut challenge for deafness charity. May 6, 2019 225
Much-loved musician was 'the best of men' EMOTIONAL TRIBUTE FROM FAMILY. May 5, 2019 500
Hearing trouble at the heart of new campaign. May 4, 2019 175
Watch Ewan Brown's video he made before he died - creating amazing club music on a games console; The body of deaf Ewan Brown, from Newcastle, was found in the Ouseburn area of Byker. May 4, 2019 769
An Invincible Spirit: The Story of Don Fulk. Book review May 1, 2019 123
Comparison of auditory brainstem response and auditory steady state response audiometry by evaluating the hearing thresholds obtained in children with different severity of hearing loss. Apr 30, 2019 3232
Bilateral Sensorineural Deafness in a Young Pregnant Female Presenting with a Fever: A Rare Complication of a Reemerging Disease--Spotted Fever Group Rickettsioses. Kariyawasam, A.G.T.A.; Palangasinghe, D.R.; Fonseka, C.L.; De Silva, P.U.T.; Kanakkahewa, T.E.; Daha Apr 30, 2019 3216
De Novo Mutation of m.3243A>G together with m.16093T>C Associated with Atypical Clinical Features in a Pedigree with MIDD Syndrome. Jiang, Zhixin; Zhang, Yinan; Yan, Jingbin; Li, Fengwen; Geng, Xinqian; Lu, Huijuan; Wei, Xiaoer; Fen Apr 30, 2019 5381
Global ENT Examination Chair Market Prospects Pinpoint Higher Traction from Developed Nations during. Apr 23, 2019 861
New solutions give options for the hearing impaired. Apr 15, 2019 382
Deafness and hearing loss in the workplace; Welsh businesses can make simple changes to make services and workspaces accessible to all, says the Director for Action on Hearing Loss in Wales Daisy Cole. Apr 5, 2019 816
Ears, Eyes, and Hands: Reflections on language, Literacy, and Linguistics. Book review Apr 1, 2019 103
Moonlight Sonata: Deafness in Three Movements. Solano, Jeanette Reedy Movie review Apr 1, 2019 854
New Genotypes and Phenotypes in Patients with 3 Subtypes of Waardenburg Syndrome Identified by Diagnostic Next-Generation Sequencing. Li, Wu; Mei, Lingyun; Chen, Hongsheng; Cai, Xinzhang; Liu, Yalan; Men, Meichao; Liu, Xue Zhong; Yan, Clinical report Mar 31, 2019 6836
Stem cell donor bid backed by deafness service. Mar 28, 2019 453
From 1 to 121: A resounding success story at Abu Dhabi games. Mar 16, 2019 635
Auris Medical announces publication of HEALOS trial results. Clinical report Mar 11, 2019 190
How I coped with.. deafness; Your health SUNDAY 03.03.2019. Mar 3, 2019 157
How I coped with.. deafness; Your health. Mar 3, 2019 157
Free Noisy Planet Toolkit About Noise And Hearing Loss for Preteens. Mar 1, 2019 233
PARENTS AND THE HARD OF HEARING CHILD. King, J. Freeman Mar 1, 2019 1440
Gender-based differences in cardiovascular autonomic function tests among deaf children. Suma, S; Tejashwini, K; Ganesh, M; Hari Prasad, V Mar 1, 2019 3819
The subjective constitution process of a deaf child: a case report. Lieber, Sofia Nery; Freire, Regina Maria Ayres de Camargo Estudio de caso Mar 1, 2019 8508
Novel deleterious mutation in MYO7A, TH and EVC2 in two Pakistani brothers with familial deafness. Bibi Sabiha, Johar Ali, Yasar Mehmood Yousafzai and Syed Adnan Haider Feb 28, 2019 2843
Gene Therapy Durably Reverses Congenital Deafness in Mice. Feb 21, 2019 743
[VIDEO] Club owners oppose new sound regulations in Kilifi. Feb 21, 2019 635
WHO wants to limit nightclub noises to stop deafness. Feb 14, 2019 595
Caring for the differently-abled. Feb 6, 2019 342
Knowledge and experience of Family Health Team professionals in providing healthcare for deaf people. de Santana Lima Reis, Vania; Maia dos Santos, Adriano Jan 1, 2019 4559
The Correlation of Congenital CMV Infection and the Outcome of Cochlear Implantation. Bolduc, Simon-Pierre H.; Bussieres, Richard; Philippon, Daniel; Cote, Mathieu Jan 1, 2019 3377
Extracochlear Electrode Insertion in the Petrous Area in Cochlear Implantation. Lin, Chia-Hsing; Chiang, Tai-Lien; Huang, Jon-Kway; Lin, Hung-Ching Jan 1, 2019 1264
Sense of accomplishment Dog: Deafness doesn't slow Selah down. Gathman, By Dave Dec 14, 2018 895
Sense of accomplishment Dog: Deafness doesn't slow Selah down. Gathman, By Dave Dec 14, 2018 1203
How I discovered the best way to hear TV. Dec 7, 2018 497
CHED lauds joint PH-US project on early newborn screening on deafness prevention. Dec 7, 2018 603
Surgery saves two-year-old from acute hearing loss in UAE. Dec 4, 2018 565
Deaf doc hears again after 29 years. Nov 26, 2018 117
I honestly don't know what old age feels like because I'm still busy, busy, busy; Candid choreographer Arlene Phillips reveals her health secrets to GABRIELLE FAGAN. Nov 22, 2018 966
I honestly don't know what old age feels like because I'm still busy, busy, busy; Candid choreographer Arlene Phillips reveals her health secrets to GABRIELLE FAGAN. Nov 22, 2018 966
I honestly don't know what old age feels like because I'm still busy, busy, busy; Candid choreographer Arlene Phillips reveals her health secrets to GABRIELLE FAGAN. Nov 20, 2018 966
I honestly don't know what old age feels like because I'm still busy, busy, busy; Candid choreographer Arlene Phillips reveals her health secrets TOGABRIELLE FAGAN. Nov 20, 2018 952
I honestly don't know what old age feels like because I'm still busy, busy, busy; Candid choreographer Arlene Phillips reveals her health secrets to GABRIELLE FAGAN. Nov 20, 2018 966
I honestly don't know what old age feels like because I'm still busy, busy, busy; Candid choreographer Arlene Phillips reveals her health secrets to GABRIELLE FAGAN. Nov 20, 2018 966
iHEAR: Next-era hearing solutions. Nov 19, 2018 499
I've lost the hearing in left ear.. I hope it is temporary; KT cancels shows after sudden deafness. Nov 9, 2018 258
Corrie's Charlie Lawson 'reassessing life' after scary stage collapse; Jim McDonald actor Charlie had a health warning from his doctor three weeks before suffering a mini-stroke. Nov 5, 2018 453
Corrie's Jim had stroke on stage. Oct 28, 2018 254
Raising awareness of deafness in kids. Oct 10, 2018 198
Mobile phones, noise major cause of deafness: experts. Sep 17, 2018 311
Abey Khao: Spreading love with food. Sep 10, 2018 1174
The hydrogen bomb was over 100 times more powerful than Nagasaki - we were about 20 miles away with no protection... christmas island tests veteran tells of horrific legacy of cold war arms race AS CAMPAIGNERS PUSH FOR RECOGNITION OF TROOPS' SACRIFICE island. Sep 7, 2018 1431
Ask Dr Miriam. Aug 31, 2018 156
Ask Dr Miriam; DR MIRIAM STOPPARD Helping to keep you fit and healthy @MiriamStoppard. Aug 31, 2018 156
Auris Medical announces feedback from Type C meeting with FDA for AM-111. Aug 30, 2018 208
iHEAR offers first home hearing tests. Aug 27, 2018 516
Deaf comedian to take stage at Fringe Fest. Aug 22, 2018 393
Train your gundog the Porter way at residential farm courses. Aug 21, 2018 822
Cheshire hearing dog puppy captures the nation's hearts on breakfast TV; Twenty-week-old Button appeared with her handler on BBC Breakfast. Aug 20, 2018 708
Doctors in UAE warn against use of wireless headphones. Aug 19, 2018 575
Quality, affordable hearing aids launched. Aug 9, 2018 867
Association between Uncoupling Protein 2 Gene Ala55val Polymorphism and Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss. Koide, Yusuke; Teranishi, Masaaki; Sugiura, Saiko; Uchida, Yasue; Nishio, Naoki; Kato, Ken; Otake, H Clinical report Aug 1, 2018 3042
Pentoxifylline versus Steroid Therapy for Idiopathic Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss with Diabetes. Lan, Wei-Che; Wang, Ching-Yuan; Lin, Chia-Der Aug 1, 2018 4428
Deaf people are 'quitting area' Fears there will be no interpreter. Jul 27, 2018 311
Hearing aid saves career for newsman. Jul 22, 2018 126
Film night to help understanding. Jul 9, 2018 141
A Novel Mutation of Mitochondrial T14709C Causes Myoclonic Epilepsy with Ragged Red Fibers Syndrome in a Chinese Patient. Ban, Rui; Guo, Jun-Hong; Pu, Chuan-Qiang; Shi, Qiang; Liu, Hua-Xu; Zhang, Yu-Tong Report Jul 5, 2018 3586
Cochlear implant in a child diagnosed with Dandy-Walker Syndrome Variant: a study case. Pedret, Mariana dos Santos; Borges, Silvia; Avelino, Luiz Carlos, Jr.; Costa, Maria Beatriz Pedrett Report Jul 1, 2018 4269
p.Y556C is a Recurrent Mutation in Pendred Syndrome causing Gene SLC26A4 in Punjabi Population. Zahra, Sana Report Jun 30, 2018 2705
Test could help avoid deafness in newborns; manchester team's research may help up to 90,000 babies every year. Jun 29, 2018 331
Chester conference will shine spotlight on dementia and deafness; The Chester Grosvenor to host annual Deafness Support Network event. Conference news Jun 8, 2018 388
Young risk going deaf as earphone music is so loud. Jun 6, 2018 331
Meditation ended my tinnitus hell; CARLI LIVED WITH RINGING IN HER EARS FOR A decade. Jun 5, 2018 557
'Generation at risk of going deaf'. Jun 2, 2018 127
Young 'earphone generation' warned of risks of deafness. Jun 2, 2018 145
Woman heard constant ringing in her ears - here's the genius way she overcame it; Carli Langley was diagnosed with tinnitus at 17 years old. Jun 2, 2018 885
A rare cause of pancreatic insufficiency; Johanson Blizzard Syndrome. May 31, 2018 1710
Neurofibromatosis: An issue of public health in Egypt. May 23, 2018 478
Springwatch star's fear of deafness. May 15, 2018 126
Springwatch Chris: I worry I might go completely deaf; EXCLUSIVE. May 15, 2018 367
'I worry I might go completely deaf': Springwatch star Chris Packham reveals hearing fear; The wildlife expert lost his hearing in his right ear after a diving accident developed later into Meniere's disease, which he fears may one day spread to his left ear. May 14, 2018 432
The son of a governor, Andrew White long avoided politics. Then a health crisis, his dad's death and a hurricane changed his mind. May 10, 2018 3264
Smoking being linked to risk of hearing loss; Helping to keep you fit and healthy @MiriamStoppard MINUTES ON... May 7, 2018 216
Smoking being linked to risk of hearing loss; 2 MINUTES ON. May 7, 2018 216
48 hours CARDIFF HOT LIST YOUR NEXT. Apr 25, 2018 212
Bus sex assault OAP 'using deafness to avoid sentence' Judge lashes out after being forced to delay decision. Apr 11, 2018 362
WHAT IS IT: SCHWANNOMA. Apr 2, 2018 108
WHAT IS IT: SCHWANNOMA; DR MIRIAM STOPPARD Helping to keep you fit and healthy @MiriamStoppard. Apr 2, 2018 108
UEFA's deafness speaks volumes; Dunny's Hairdryer. Apr 1, 2018 169
It's just not Easter without a good old whingefest. Mar 31, 2018 117
Helping to overcome deafness. Mar 28, 2018 230
Apple proposes emojis to represent people with disabilities. Mar 24, 2018 283
Grants to help disabled people into work increased by PS15,000; DISABLED WORKERS ARE SET TO BENEFIT FROM THE LATEST BOOST Capping the amount of support that an individual can receive through Access to Work discriminates agaisnt those with the highest support needs Ellen Clifford. Mar 22, 2018 525
Midwife, 43, is delivering despite her deafness. Mar 15, 2018 513
'Being deaf won't stop me from becoming a midwife'. Mar 15, 2018 553
Smoking increases your risk of going DEAF by 60%, shocking study reveals; Researchers from Japan's National Centre for Global Health and Medicine found that smoking increases your risk of going deaf by as much as 60 per cent. Mar 15, 2018 238
The Who's Roger: I've gone deaf; Rocker has to lip-read to follow music; EXCLUSIVE. Mar 14, 2018 268
HMC, German varsity conduct study on CNV. Report Mar 6, 2018 211
Signs that your body is trying to tell you something; As deafness is identified as an early warning of dementia... Editorial Mar 5, 2018 921
Growing noise pollution amongst causes of deafness. Mar 3, 2018 484
A Novel Variant in SYNE4 Confirms its Causative Role in Sensorineural Hearing Loss. Masterson, John; Yildirim, Busegul; Gokkaya, Ece; Yilmaz, Suna Tokgoz; Tekin, Mustafa Report Mar 1, 2018 1635
My hearing paid the price at work. Feb 28, 2018 272
Signs that your body is trying to tell you something; As deafness is identified as an early warning of dementia. Feb 28, 2018 921
Measles can cause deafness, blindness and kill, Oyo govt tells parents. Feb 28, 2018 438
Fundraising, family and hearing support; a day in the life this week: Deafness Support Network project worker Erica Jones. Feb 15, 2018 826
Has the POC president gone deaf and blind? Feb 13, 2018 422
Hearing impaired cry foul. Feb 8, 2018 554
Words for our time. Feb 3, 2018 518
Watch: Two-year-old Dubai child hears for the first time. Jan 29, 2018 623
Irish tenor to sing at prayer breakfast. Jan 19, 2018 340
Irish tenor to sing at prayer breakfast. Jan 19, 2018 340
Vestibular dysfunction and postural balance in cochlear implant users: a narrative literature review. Melo, Juliana Jandre; Gibrin, Paula Carolina Dias; Marchiori, Luciana Lozza de Moraes Jan 1, 2018 5475
Characterization of Detailed Audiological Features of Cytomegalovirus Infection: A Composite Cohort Study from Groups with Distinct Demographics. Kim, Bong Jik; Han, Jae Joon; Shin, Seung Han; Kim, Han-Suk; Yang, Hye Ran; Choi, Eun Hwa; Chang, Mu Report Jan 1, 2018 4174
Heteroplasmy Detection of Mitochondrial DNA A3243G Mutation Using Quantitative Real-Time PCR Assay Based on TaqMan-MGB Probes. Rong, Enguang; Wang, Hanbo; Hao, Shujing; Fu, Yuhong; Ma, Yanyan; Wang, Tianze Jan 1, 2018 5099
Brain Network Regional Synchrony Analysis in Deafness. Xu, Lei; Wang, Chang-Dong; Liang, Mao-Jin; Cai, Yue-Xin; Zheng, Yi-Qing Jan 1, 2018 6824
Neural Plastic Changes in the Subcortical Auditory Neural Pathway after Single-Sided Deafness in Adult Mice: A MEMRI Study. Kim, So Young; Heo, Hwon; Kim, Doo Hee; Kim, Hyun Jin; Oh, Seung-ha Jan 1, 2018 5178
Targeted Next-Generation Sequencing of a Deafness Gene Panel (MiamiOtoGenes) Analysis in Families Unsuitable for Linkage Analysis. Shang, Haiqiong; Yan, Denise; Tayebi, Naeimeh; Saeidi, Kolsoum; Sahebalzamani, Afsaneh; Feng, Yong; Jan 1, 2018 4350
Identification of Pathogenic Genes of Nonsyndromic Hearing Loss in Uyghur Families Using Massively Parallel DNA Sequencing Technique. Chen, Yu; Lu, Yu; Kuyaxi, Pilidong; Cheng, Jing; Zhao, Juan; Zhao, Qi; Musha, Patiguli; Zhang, Hua; Jan 1, 2018 4272
Three MYO15A Mutations Identified in One Chinese Family with Autosomal Recessive Nonsyndromic Hearing Loss. Zhang, Fengguo; Xu, Lei; Xiao, Yun; Li, Jianfeng; Bai, Xiaohui; Wang, Haibo Jan 1, 2018 3714
Potential Application of Electrical Stimulation in Stem Cell-Based Treatment against Hearing Loss. Tang, Mingliang; Yan, Xiaoqian; Tang, Qilin; Guo, Rongrong; Da, Peng; Li, Dan Jan 1, 2018 4428
Identification of Binding Partners of Deafness-Related Protein PDZD7. Du, Haibo; Ren, Rui; Chen, Panpan; Xu, Zhigang; Wang, Yanfei Jan 1, 2018 5779
Language and Sensory Neural Plasticity in the Superior Temporal Cortex of the Deaf. Que, Mochun; Jiang, Xinjian; Yi, Chunyang; Gui, Peng; Jiang, Yuwei; Zhou, Yong-Di; Wang, Liping Jan 1, 2018 11463
Knock-In Mice with Myo3a Y137C Mutation Displayed Progressive Hearing Loss and Hair Cell Degeneration in the Inner Ear. Li, Peipei; Wen, Zongzhuang; Zhang, Guangkai; Zhang, Aizhen; Fu, Xiaolong; Gao, Jiangang Jan 1, 2018 6230
fMRI Evidence of Magnitude Manipulation during Numerical Order Processing in Congenitally Deaf Signers. Andin, Josefine; Fransson, Peter; Ronnberg, Jerker; Rudner, Mary Jan 1, 2018 6660

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