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Attorneys' fees again denied in FAPE litigation. Bridges, Barry Mar 15, 2019 520
"An excuse for being so bold": D. W. McDermid and the early development of the Manitoba Institute for the deaf and dumb, 1888-1900. Barron, Sandy R. Essay Jan 1, 2015 8401
American sign language, English bilingual, bicultural programs: the ultimate goal of any bilingual-bicultural ASL/English program is to give the child the best of both worlds, both linguistically and culturally, and to insure that the child is able to comfortably adapt to and be acculturated into both the hearing and deaf cultures. Feb 1, 2014 1438
The benevolent education of maritime laborers at America's first schools for the deaf. Eyring, Mary Essay Jan 1, 2013 9885
Lyric underheard: the printed voice of Laura Catherine Redden searing. Luck, Jessica Lewis Essay Jan 1, 2013 8064
Engaging Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students in the School Library: A Handbook for Teacher-Librarians. Eisner, Nadene Report May 2, 2012 263
Silent Minority. Portnoy, Eddy Jul 15, 2010 1081
State school's marching band to participate in Rose Parade. Report Jan 1, 2010 254
Baby can you hear me? How one deaf lesbian came into her own. Roy, Elise Jun 1, 2009 873
Hearing their need. Nguyen, Cuong May 1, 2009 1596
Implementation of Network-Based Higher Education for the Chinese Deaf People under the Background of the Internet. Wang, Ai-guo Author abstract May 1, 2009 234
Essential Components of Educational Programming for Students Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing. Standards for Special Education, Amended June 2004. Report Jan 1, 2007 263
Do We Need a National Standards-Based K-12 Deaf Studies Curriculum? An Analytic History of Trends and Discourse in Development of Deaf Studies Curriculum. Zernovoj, Alexander Report Jan 1, 2007 231
What Are the Communication Considerations for Parents of Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Children? NIDCD Fact Sheet. Author abstract Nov 1, 2006 151
History of Higher Education Provision for the Deaf in Turkey and Current Applications at the Anadolu University. Girgin, M. Cem Report Jul 1, 2006 235
Interactive whiteboard system drives increased achievement at Texas school for the deaf. Liles, Mari May 1, 2005 795
ESL REDEUX: when sign lanquage is first. Silverman, Fran Mar 1, 2005 366
Early intervention collaboration-deaf role models. LaGrande, Jamilee Sep 22, 2004 2373
Teacher stress and burnout in deaf education. Paje, Vanessa Sep 22, 2004 2264
Interactive whiteboards enhance the learning experience for deaf, hard-of-hearing students. Mackall, Phil May 1, 2004 948
Hearing impaired children need unbiased advice: implant awareness. Splete, Heidi Feb 1, 2004 894
Practical knowledge storage among preservice, novice, and experienced educators of students who are deaf and hard-of-hearing. Marlatt, Edward A. Jan 1, 2004 5998
Deaf priest, seminarians add new dimension to church. (Nation). Donovan, Gill Jan 17, 2003 201
Why Baby Gauvin is not a victim. (Essay). Corvino, John Nov 1, 2002 2115
EP's teachers of the year. (Education 2002). Tortoreto, Maria Sep 1, 2002 2542
The paraeducator paradox. (Education 2002). Mueller, Patricia H. Sep 1, 2002 1883
A model for effective practice: dialogic inquiry with students who are deaf. Mayer, Connie; Akamatsu, C. Tane; Stewart, David Jun 22, 2002 10217
Applying social critical literacy theory to deaf education. Komesaroff, Linda Jun 1, 2002 3911
Will the Courts Go Bi-Bi? IDEA 1997, the Courts, and Deaf Education. PITTMAN, PAULA; HUEFNER, DIXIE SNOW Jan 1, 2001 7720
An Evaluation of a College Preparatory and Readiness Program for Deaf Students. Deignan, Elizabeth Apr 1, 1999 7344
Using a Writing Assessment Rubric for Writing Development of Children Who Are Deaf. SCHIRMER, BARBARA R.; BAILEY, JILL; FITZGERALD, SHAWN M. Mar 22, 1999 7696
Education and deafness: understanding the past and the needs of the present enables a better tomorrow. Zapien, Cheryl Sep 1, 1998 2256
American Sign Language as a pathway to linguistic competence. Drasgow, Erik Mar 22, 1998 9086
Letting the deaf be deaf: reconsidering the use of cochlear implants in prelingually deaf children. Crouch, Robert A. Jul 1, 1997 6631
The perils of assimilation in modern France: the deaf community, social status, and educational opportunity, 1815-1870. Quartaro, Anne T. Sep 22, 1995 9872
Processing of bottom-up and top-down information by skilled and average deaf readers and implications for whole language instruction. Kelly, Leonard P. Feb 1, 1995 10391
Structure and videodisc adaptation of the Transition Competence Battery (TCB) for deaf adolescents and young adults. Bullis, Michael; Reiman, John; Davis, Cheryl; Thorkildsen, Ron Oct 1, 1994 6852
Young adults who are hearing and deaf in a transition study: did they and their parents supply similar data? Bullis, Michael; Bull, Bruce; Johnson, Brian; Peters, Dawn Feb 1, 1994 4934
Young Deaf Adults and the Transition from High School to Postsecondary Careers. Gallaudet Research Institute Occasional Paper 94-1. Lam, Kay H.; And Others Author abstract Feb 1, 1994 387
Implementing a successful writing program in public schools for students who are deaf. Kluwin, Thomas N.; Kelly, Arlene Blumenthal Sep 1, 1992 5453
Strategy usage among deaf and hearing readers. Andrews, Jean F.; Mason, Jana M. May 1, 1991 3993
Does a college degree influence the occupational attainments of deaf adults? An examination of the initial and long term impact of college. Foster, Susan B. Jan 1, 1991 6127
The Rhode Island School for the Deaf. Geisser, Peter Feb 1, 1990 2028
A response to Esposito and Koorland: a bias in search of supporting data. Fischgrund, Joseph E. Nov 1, 1989 1303
Let those without bias cast the first stone: a reply to Fischgrund. Esposito, Beverly G.; Koorland, Mark A. Nov 1, 1989 1244
Launching Kevin into the mainstream. Bohlin, Jill K. Sep 1, 1989 1444
Sound advice for deaf learners. Eron, Carol Jul 30, 1988 818
Deaf children's acquisition of prereading skills using the reciprocal teaching procedure. Andrews, Jean F. Jan 1, 1988 3034

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