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Byline: SARA WALLIS TV Columnist

OVER six years a single illegal handgun was used in 11 shootings, including three murders.

The weapon, known to police as Gun No.6, was never traced.

But the trail of destruction it left behind has now been laid bare.

Since the 1996 Dunblane massacre handguns have been outlawed in the UK, even for licence-holders. Yet large numbers still circulate illegally.

Thanks to ballistic forensic techniques, West Midlands Police made a list of the 10 most-wanted guns used in crimes. One above all was the most active: Gun No.6 - a rare 9mm pistol similar to a CZ 75, most likely smuggled in from Eastern Europe.

Using unique markings that are left on every bullet and casing, officers followed the weapon from the inner streets of Birmingham, out to the suburbs and back again.

The firearm's trail is now being examined in a BBC2 documentary, Gun No.6, tomorrow night.

With exclusive interviews, the Daily Mirror takes a look at the weapon's terrifying journey of violence. @sarawallis

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1. Proctor St, Birmingham 23.2.03

An anonymous caller reports a shooting outside a party at around 2.55am.

Police find two bullet casings but no witnesses and no CCTV. Nobody at the party is willing to admit they had been the target of an attempted shooting.

Case unresolved.

2. Hockley, Birmingham 24.3.03

A gang walks through a parade of shops at 2.30pm. One of the men has a gun.

They ask about a rival gang, get in a car aaTaf and chase another vehicle. Shots are fired. Seven bullet casings are found scattered around nearby residential streets after the high-speed chase.

Witnesses are unable to identify the gunmen despite a full police investigation. Case unresolved.

3. Winson Green, Birmingham 13.06.03

A 24-year-old man is shot in the arm, back and neck in a drive-by shooting at 11.30pm. He survives. The blood on the streets at the scene is cleaned away and the victim does not want to co-operate with police. DCI Hough says: "It's clearly a case of attempted murder.

He says mistaken identity. Do we believe him? No ,we don't. They've tried to hide the evidence." Case unresolved.

4. Lozells, Birmingham 14.6.03

A car drives up to a club entrance at 4.50am and shots are fired. A man is hit thcocotatatata the leg. He decides to go home first, then call an ambulance. No witnesses come forward and the victim refuses to talk. Case unresolved.

5. Winson Green, Birmingham 20.08.03

This is the youngest victim of Gun No.6, who is blasted in an attack at 1.30am.

The 19-year-old is shot in the back and foot. But he gives no information to investigating officers and the attempted murder case remains unresolved. The gun then disappears for nine months

6. Birmingham City Centre 09.05.04

The weapon is used in an early-morning gang warfare shoot-out and bullets hit a parked car. A young woman is asleep inside the vehicle and, luckily, escapes uninjured.

Case unresolved.

7. Hockley, Birmingham 28.06.04

The occupants of a car shoot at vehicles parked in a cul-de-sac at 11.15pm. One bullet is fired into the bedroom of a neighbouring house but the neighbours refuse to make a formal statement to the police. Later, PS3,000 worth of heroin is found in one of the cars.

Case unresolved.

8. Thimble Mill Lane, Birmingham 02.10.04

Five bullet casings are found in the road after a high-speed car chase through the city at 10.55pm.

But despite CCTV images and witness statements, the vehicles involved are never identified.

" Case unresolved.

9. Bristol Street, Birmingham 20.11.04

A group of men are "rushing doors", forcing their way into local nightclubs. Premonition doorman Ishfaq Ahmed, 24, left, is shot dead as he attempts to stop them at 3.30am. Three of his colleagues are injured.

Six men were jailed for 30 years each for murder but the gun wasn't recovered.

Ishfaq's partner Penny says: "Our daughter Anisa , who was a baby at the time, gets emotional over it. She misses having a dad. Because they both missed out, really."

10. Heath Mill Lane, Birmingham 23.07.05

Andrew Huntley is waiting to get into a nightclub at 1.15am when the gunman finds him and gives chase. Andrew (below) is shot twice in the head under a railway bridge. According to a witness, he was on his knees pleading for his life and his last words were: "We are brothers, we do not have to live like this."

Kemar Whittaker, 23, from Tottenham, North London, was sentenced to life for his murder.

Huntley's son Akeem says: "My dad got shot over some drugs, so they said, or said that he was informing or something. But they will never know and we will never know what it was for.

"My dad was a happy person. As soon as he smiled, it gleamed up the whole of the room."

11. Stourbridge Road, Fairfield, Worcs 09.01.09

Gun No.6 disappears until it is used by the three post office raiders to gun down Craig Hodson-Walker at 8.21am.

Anselm Ribera and brothers Declan and Christopher Morrissey want to raid the safe but it is on a time-lock.

Craig, 29, (left) tries to protect his dad Ken with a cricket bat but is killed by Ribera, while his dad is shot in the leg.

The men, all from Birmingham, were jailed for 34 years each, with the getaway driver given eight years.

We looked at 30 shootings and developed a chart of 10 guns. One stood out DCI ANDY HOUGH ON HOW WEAPONS ARE PASSED AROUND
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