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Deadly blood clot risk for TV fans.

WATCHING TV for long periods of time puts people at risk of blood clots, experts have warned.

Sitting in front of the TV for five or more hours on average per day leads to twice the risk of fatal pulmonary embolism as watching less than two and a half hours per day.

The study on more than 86,000 people found a level of risk normally associated with flying.

Toru Shirakawa, public health research fellow in the Department of Social Medicine at Osaka University in Japan, who led the research, said people should stand up occasionally and drink water.

The research looked at 36,007 men and 50,017 women aged 40 to 79.

They reported how much TV they watched and were then followed for 18 years. During the course of the study, there were 59 deaths from clots.


TURN OFF: Watching TV for long periods of time puts | |people at risk of deadly blood

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Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Aug 30, 2015
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