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Exposed: pushing back the darkness. Dec 1, 2016 610
What are we waiting for? God is already with us. Nov 1, 2016 601
Thanksgiving in thin places: Jesus calls us forward. Oct 1, 2016 647
The trouble with Hosea: words of invitation and promise. Jul 1, 2016 641
God's realm of reversals: miracles are possible. Jun 1, 2016 648
A tale of three cities: an old vision gives hope of a new world. Essay May 1, 2016 646
Beyond the rules: God is waiting for us. Apr 1, 2016 647
Called to forget: looking for God's faithfulness. Mar 1, 2016 652
Lent on the land: a call to live together. Feb 1, 2016 636
Concerning spiritual gifts: life in the Spirit makes us religious people. Jan 1, 2016 646
Road-building God: in advent we're called to join in building a way of peace. Dec 1, 2015 608
Apocalyptic advent: what advent means to us depends on who and where we are. Nov 1, 2015 597
The dark side of grace: trusting God when we feel closer to job than to Jesus. Oct 1, 2015 645
At home in the pulpit: you'll never know where the preaching life might take you. Column Sep 1, 2015 639
Days of the King: sometimes the Bible reads like soap opera, but it still bears truth. Jul 1, 2015 649
Who wants a king? At a crucial time in history, God's people need to be careful what they ask for. Jun 1, 2015 655
Wow! Walk with Peter on a journey of discovery. May 1, 2015 668
What to preach on Good Friday; this day offers challenges and opportunities. Apr 1, 2015 635
Thinking past empire: an introduction to postcolonial theory. Apr 1, 2015 909
Palms and politics: the story of Holy Week begins with a political act. Mar 1, 2015 655
Put down the gospel gun: the only thing you can give for the gospel is yourself. Feb 1, 2015 648
Into the water again: step into the water with jesus, but at your own risk. Column Jan 1, 2015 672
Something about Mary: listening for Mary's voice in a familiar story. Dec 1, 2014 680
Advent expectation: true freedom exists in imagination. Nov 1, 2014 650
The greatest and first commandment: a call to love truly, madly, deeply. Oct 1, 2014 656
Bread from heaven: a story of birds, bread and bellyaching rings true today. Sep 1, 2014 677
Wrestling through the night: we meet god when all we depend on is out of reach. Jul 1, 2014 660
In search of god's spirit: where will we look? To whom will we listen? Jun 1, 2014 678
Reading without glasses: preaching the gospel without blaming the jews. May 1, 2014 651
The sacrament of service: jesus does as he asks us to do. Apr 1, 2014 670
Condemned to choose: genesis offers us insight into the human predicament. Mar 1, 2014 647
Love and leviticus: words of law and a law of love. Feb 1, 2014 651
Incarnation. Essay Jan 1, 2014 653
The rich man and Lazarus: a tale of two men who lived, and died, so close and yet so far away. Sep 1, 2013 651
The Hall of Fame of faithfulness: Hebrews 11 tells of faith in action. Jul 1, 2013 654
Embodied forgiveness: called to the giving and receiving of mercy. Jun 1, 2013 650
That all may be one: Jesus prays for us, but not just us. May 1, 2013 682
Unlikely apostles: Jesus calls the least likely people to lead the most important mission. Apr 1, 2013 678
Deaths and resurrections: another look at the parable of the prodigal son. Mar 1, 2013 906
Conspicuous faithfulness: what will you take on for lent? Feb 1, 2013 616
Lutherland: the past and the future meet in Wittenberg. Feb 1, 2013 2134
The joy of the Lord: a community takes a risk on God's world. Jan 1, 2013 676
Who will lead us to Bethlehem: Luke's cast of characters offer some interesting possibilities. Dec 1, 2012 654
Ruth and remembrance: Ruth takes us into a Wartorn world. Nov 1, 2012 645
Having someone to thank ... is not as easy as we think! Oct 1, 2012 692
Wisdom calls: if we're so darn smart, why aren't we righteous? Sep 1, 2012 687
Telling the truth: lying in church? Never! Jul 1, 2012 686
Church As We Dream It: DIANA BUTLER BASS SEES A FUTURE. Jul 1, 2012 1075
Dangerous worship: no sanctuary in the place of worship. Jun 1, 2012 752
Joyful friendship: Jesus commands a higher standard. May 1, 2012 635
Afraid because ... Easter isn't over. The story's just begun. Apr 1, 2012 599
An afffair of the heart: we're marked for life as God's covenant partners. Mar 1, 2012 669
Jesus in a hurry: can we keep up with the Jesus we meet in the gospel of mark? Feb 1, 2012 655
The children are watching: God's judgment is in their eyes. The world's hope is in them, too. Jan 1, 2012 666
It has to be the shepherds! Jesus comes to people whose real needs often frighten us away. Dec 1, 2011 671
The trouble with god: god's not predictable. But God is good. Nov 1, 2011 633
The greatest commandment: to obey is to love. To love is to obey. Oct 1, 2011 664
Ten years after: preaching on September 11 calls for equal measures of care and risk. Sep 1, 2011 665
All dogs are welcome here! Wherever Jesus goes, Grace leaks out and even he is changed. Jul 1, 2011 655
The words we leave out: we need to hear the words we'd rather avoid. Jun 1, 2011 670
Paul in Athens: we have a place in the market place of ideas. May 1, 2011 685
Watch and see: because he lived, he died. Because he lived, we live. Apr 1, 2011 666
Jesus. Himself. Alone. moments of glory always call us to discipleship. Mar 1, 2011 666
Holy? Perfect? How? Living up to God's purpose for us isn't easy, but it's not impossible. Feb 1, 2011 670
Come and see ... the church begins with an invitation to strangers. Jan 1, 2011 675
Joseph's hands: the way god works to redeem the world may not make sense to us. Dec 1, 2010 675
A dream deferred: what has happened to our Advent hope? Nov 1, 2010 662
It's not (just) about thanksgiving: it's about going on, with Jesus, into a world made new. Oct 1, 2010 670
Ties That Bind: the things that keep us from carrying the cross. Sep 1, 2010 668
Bent over. Set free! When Jesus speaks Sabbath, amazing things happen. Jul 1, 2010 671
If all are one, how far does it go? Paul's words are still dangerous! Jun 1, 2010 657
A tale of three cities: an old gives hope of a new world. May 1, 2010 670
Believing Thomas: nagging doubter or model disciple? Apr 1, 2010 657
Living with Living Faith: a useful and acceptable summing up of presbyterianism. Column Mar 1, 2010 1514
Unmeasured, offensive love: grace finds us. Then we know we can come home. Mar 1, 2010 736
Easter in Epiphany? Jesus lives, and that's good news any time of year! Feb 1, 2010 719
The love bomb: handle an old, familiar, favourite chapter with care! Jan 1, 2010 675
Two boys with great promise: Jesus and Samuel are not-so-distant cousins. Dec 1, 2009 669
Is this really what God wants? Jesus visits the temple treasury and doesn't like what he sees. Nov 1, 2009 668
Living and active judging and saving: a preacher speaks to preachers so all may hear. Oct 1, 2009 779
We hardly know you! A tale of Esther and empire. Sep 1, 2009 691
Clean hands! Pure heart? No amount of handwashing can cleanse sin. Jul 1, 2009 674
Who is this? We're in the boat with Jesus. Jun 1, 2009 728
Congregation: life in the vineyard is risky, messy work. May 1, 2009 734
Mary! Mary! The risen one knows, and calls us by name. Apr 1, 2009 653
He hung up his bow: a story about God's way with the world. Column Mar 1, 2009 622
Marathon discipleship: what are we training for? Feb 1, 2009 685
A saviour with dirty feet: baptism of Jesus. Column Jan 1, 2009 721
Spiritual grandparents: we are children of God. Dec 1, 2008 708
When He cometh: listen to words of hope. Nov 1, 2008 728
Holy fear: God accommodates God's self to us. Oct 1, 2008 638
A crazy gracious God: we are the blessed, the happy. Sep 1, 2008 664
The burning bush: no one who really sees God is ever the same. Jul 1, 2008 689
A tough story to tell: God's promise lives in the sacred soil of story. Jun 1, 2008 672
One day at a time: The Sermon on the Mount tells us who we are. May 1, 2008 671
Threatened with resurrection: to tell the story of the empty tomb is to say even the greatest earthly power is a failure. Apr 1, 2008 602
Knees shake, voices break: Authentic testimony is being preached to us. Mar 1, 2008 705
Renew life: we are reborn with God's guidance. Sermon Feb 1, 2008 585
Baptism of Jesus: God's sons and daughters are set loose in the world in the Spirit's power. Jan 1, 2008 706
Eyes opened to the wonder: only those who need to see it, can see the miracle. Dec 1, 2007 740

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