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The Bottom Line. Sep 1, 2019 695
Taking Care of Our Own: 10 things we owe today's journalists. Aug 1, 2019 883
Older and Wiser: To slow decline, newspaper print editions should act their age. Jul 1, 2019 799
Habit-Forming Journalism: Research tells us more about getting people to pay for online news. Jun 1, 2019 877
Asking Readers for Help: A community engagement approach to investigative reporting. May 1, 2019 730
Analytics with a Shelf Life: Why newsroom metrics should have an expiration date. Apr 1, 2019 714
Starting from Scratch: Trust and transparency could bring ad dollars back to local news. Mar 1, 2019 705
Recession-Proofing Your Newsroom: Can newspapers survive another significant economic downturn? Feb 1, 2019 723
Passion Projects: Niche publishers pursue an 'everything about something' approach to local news. Jan 1, 2019 746
Creating a Lifetime of Interaction: Monetize your journalism by not trying to monetize all of your journalism. Dec 1, 2018 656
Shaping the Future of Storytelling: How news organizations can confront 'information inequality'. Nov 1, 2018 929
Getting on the Bandwagon: Newsroom collaborations go from novelty to necessity. Oct 1, 2018 852
Trusting the News: Election is an opportunity for newsrooms to explain vital role. Sep 1, 2018 716
Getting What You Pay For: To sustain journalism, news organizations tweak the for-profit model. Aug 1, 2018 792
Let's Get Together: Can a re-bundling of news and advertising help save journalism? Jul 1, 2018 813
Earning Your Reader's Trust: For news organizations, 'About Us' shouldn't be an afterthought. Jun 1, 2018 763
Adjust Accordingly: As local news is decentralized, everyone's an entrepreneur. May 1, 2018 779
Deep Pockets: How a new breed of billionaire owners is shaping the newspaper business. Apr 1, 2018 828
A Return to Audience Engagement: Facebook change could push publishers into a real relationship with readers. Mar 1, 2018 807
Reader Revenue: News organizations need a holistic CRM for engaging, monetizing readers. Column Feb 1, 2018 745
Take Part in the Conversation: Why top editors should be involved with revenue. Jan 1, 2018 728
Creating a 'Lifetime of Interaction': News organizations need longer-term revenue metrics. Dec 1, 2017 700
Recapturing Digital Advertising Dollars: What the news business needs from Google and Facebook. Nov 1, 2017 814
Commit to the Community: To stop newspapers' slide, empower local publishers. Oct 1, 2017 745
'We regret the error': want to build trust? Start with a good corrections policy. Sep 1, 2017 870
Selling a service: newsrooms might have to get bigger, go deeper to unlock reader revenue. Aug 1, 2017 808
New products, new roles: looking beyond 'sales rep' as the revenue mix for news changes. Jul 1, 2017 840
Preserving your legacy: by ignoring archives, news organizations put much at risk, miss rewards. Jun 1, 2017 799
Cultivating relationships: how story comments can help sell subscriptions. May 1, 2017 649
An editor in transition: what Steve Buttry taught us about transforming the news industry. In memoriam Apr 1, 2017 820
Building trust: fighting fake news with radical transparency. Mar 1, 2017 948
Putting the government on notice: legal ad revenue will disappear soon unless newspapers innovate. Feb 1, 2017 957
Getting to know the customer: personalization--with consent--could save advertising. Jan 1, 2017 743
When two become one: the do's and don'ts of managing a declining print product. Dec 1, 2016 745
Making a comeback: to survive, publishers must think like a competitor. Nov 1, 2016 737
Trauma journalism: trending to journalists' mental health is crucial for the business. Oct 1, 2016 977
Doing your research: there's opportunity for publishers in formally assessing a community's information needs. Sep 1, 2016 771
Sincerely yours: to connect with readers, write them (news)letters. Aug 1, 2016 710
All eyes and ears: newsrooms need an NSA-like system for monitoring the government. Jul 1, 2016 910
Promoting access: shrinking newsrooms can fulfill mission to inform with shift to FOIA advocacy. Jun 1, 2016 798
Operation trustworthiness: a news industry in transition fails the transparency test. May 1, 2016 740
Building a network of writers: creative funding of more freelance journalism could replace some cuts to news. Apr 1, 2016 834
A shared mission: 'Paywall' to 'membership' will require a massive culture shift for newspapers. Mar 1, 2016 808
Make the shot: local sports coverage needs to adapt to the modern newsroom. Feb 1, 2016 813
The modern recruitment challenge: to attract digital natives, newspaper companies must change their mindsets. Jan 1, 2016 836
Future focus: to stay ahead, newspapers must cultivate technology and readers together. Cover story Dec 1, 2015 1998
Not a web strategy. Letter to the editor Apr 1, 2012 194

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