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De Stijl.

De Stijl (The Style) was the name given to the work of artists, architects and designers associated with the magazine of the same title. The magazine de Stijl was edited by Theo van Doesburg and published in Holland from 1917 to 1931. Like Surrealism, Dada and Futurism, de Stijl was more than the development of artworks sharing common stylistic and conceptual characteristics. Members of this group were equally interested in theoretical positions and beliefs, especially the conviction that art and design have the power to change the future and lives of individuals. The author does an excellent job of bring together the societal and aesthetic aspects of this lesser-known style of art. Numerous drawings and photographs direct the reader toward a broader understanding of this fascinating and complex art movement.
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Publication:School Arts
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Apr 1, 1992
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