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De Santis holster.

De Santis Holster & Leather Goods Co. (Dept. GA, 149 Denton Ave., New Hyde Park, NY 11040) offers an extensive lineup of very progressive holster designs. Most are intended for law enforcement and personal defense uses, although combat competition outfits and belt and shoulder rigs for the outdoorsman are also offered.

We recently checked out their "Federal Law Enforcement "Undercover" model. This is a pouch-style, strong-side waistband holster. De Santis informs me that it was developed for the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center at Glynco, Georgia, and incorporates an integral ammo pouch in front of the holster proper. This was developed in response to the Center's request for a holster system that would ensure that their agents always had an extra supply of ammo on their persons.

This pouch is of De Santis' patended "2X2X2" pattern, which allows the officer to pluck two cartridges at a time for a speedy, positive reload, rather than to dump out all six rounds, at once in a helter-skelter fashion, as ordinary cartridge pouches do.

The holster is a semi-pancake style with belt loops extending on either side of the holster body. A most ingenious feature is the use of removable studs which can be placed to hold the holster firmly on belts ranging in width from one to 1-3/4 inches. A patent is pending on this highly worthwhile system. In keeping with preferred modern design principles, it employs a thumbbreak retainer of De Santis' special reinforced pattern, and the holster body covers the trigger.

Material and workmanship--stitching, moulding, etc.--were excellent on our sample. The one we tried was made for a 3-inch Smith & Wesson K-frame revolver and would also accommodate a 2-3/4-inch Ruger of the Security-Six family. Lacking any such revolver, I tried it with my 2-inch Smith & Wesson Model 15 Combat Masterpiece, and it was perfect fit. Drawing it proved fast and positive, with no hint of any snagging or binding, and it carried this square-butt, medium-frame revolver very inconspicuously under a sports jacket.

In all, this De Santis holster seems like an excellent one for its intended uses, and it's quite reasonably priced at a suggested retail of $39.95. Details and ordering information on this and other De Santis holsters are available from the maker at the Address given above.
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Author:Libourel, Jan
Publication:Guns & Ammo
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Date:Nov 1, 1985
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