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De Beers Canada Inc. and Attawapiskat First Nation.

De Beers Canada Inc. and Attawapiskat First Nation have accomplished what many thought was the impossible. They have signed an agreement that will lead to Ontario's first diamond mine.


The nation and the company signed an Impact Benefit Agreement on Nov. 4 that will allow for the construction of a $982 million mine beginning early in 2006.

In a telephone call to Jeremy Wyeth, vice president of the Victor Project, Chief Mike Carpenter of Attawapiskat said "We look forward to working with De Beers as the Victor project progresses and produces Ontario's first diamonds. While we are concerned about the impacts of the project and the changes it will bring to our community, we are confident that the agreement will be implemented in the spirit of partnership that we have established with DeBeers Canada."

The agreement sets out how the community will benefit with respect to employment and business opportunities, training and education, sound environmental management and financial compensation for loss of the use of the land while it is being mined.

The Victor Project is scheduled to begin production at the end of 2008. Victor will produce approximately six million carats during the life of the mine and will employ about 600 people during construction and 400 during production. The Victor kimberlite is one of 18 pipes discovered on the property, 16 of which are diamondiferous.
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