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Daytime TV Addresses the Onslaught of MRSA Cases in U.S.

ALBANY, Ore., April 1, 2008 /PRNewswire/ -- On his April 1, 2008 show, Dr. Phil finally brought MRSA to the national spotlight. Until now, MRSA (methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus) has been relatively unseen on national TV. Dr. Phil saw the terrible problem that MRSA has become and devoted an entire show to the problem. The program showcased several people affected by the disease, including a mother who had a son die as a result of the deadly bacteria. Cuts and scrapes are the number one way community acquired MRSA enters the body, so children and athletes are at a higher risk.

Prevention is the key to battling the potentially deadly bacteria. Staphaseptic is an over-the-counter wound care treatment that kills over 99% of MRSA. This ointment-like gel is applied directly to minor cuts, scrapes and burns -- like any other first aid ointment. The difference is that Staphaseptic is the first product of its kind to kill MRSA bacteria that lead to serious and sometimes life-threatening infections. Standard triple antibiotic ointments, which have been used for decades to prevent infection, have not been shown to kill MRSA.
 Five Steps for Prevention

 1) Treat and cover wounds. Cuts, scrapes and burns are the most common
 ways of MRSA entering the body to start an infection. Staphaseptic is
 a widely available over-the-counter wound-care treatment that is
 applied to minor wounds before a bandage is applied. It gets to the
 root of the problem by killing the bacteria before the infection
 2) Don't share personal items. Children should not share items like
 combs, bar soap or tweezers. With summer upon us and a lot of kids
 heading to swimming pools, they should be reminded not to share towels.
 3) Shower after physical activity. MRSA thrives on moist, warm skin. The
 human body, after strenuous activity, is a breeding ground for the
 spread of MRSA and other bacteria. One tip? Use a shower gel instead
 of bar soap which can carry the bacteria.
 4) Wash hands thoroughly. Make sure to have children wash hands for at
 least 15 seconds with soap and warm water. Fifteen seconds is about
 how long it takes to recite the alphabet.
 5) Seek medical attention for active wounds. If an infection sets in it
 is vital to get to a doctor immediately. An infection can spread
 within hours and eventually cause pneumonia and even death. Infections
 can resemble a pimple or boil and can spread quickly over the body.

A complementary, bi-lingual pamphlet on MRSA prevention, is available by visiting The video, MRSA: The Ticking Time Bomb is also available to watch at the site.

About Tec Labs

StaphAseptic is available nationwide at all major drug store chains including Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid, Brooks/Eckerd and Harris Teeter.

Tec Laboratories, Inc. is an innovator of over-the-counter topical pharmaceuticals and the developer of breakthrough technologies in this area. Their product line includes Tecnu poison oak and ivy products, Tecnu Extreme, Calagel, Licefreee! and Corticool.

CONTACT: Gary Burris of Tec Labs, +1-541-918-4124,

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Date:Apr 1, 2008
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