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Daybreak pages split up, but your favorite features still are close at hand.

Byline: The Register-Guard

Please don't lose your sense of humor as you try to find the Daybreak section today.

What you'll discover is that Daybreak has been broken up. On many days, the pages that previously comprised Daybreak will be found in various locations throughout the newspaper.

"This change is being made to be more efficient with news space,'' Managing Editor Dave Baker said.

"What it comes down to is that keeping the Daybreak material together has caused us to reduce the amount of space devoted to local, national, international and sports news. And that isn't the best way to serve all readers."

The stand-alone Daybreak section, created in 1999, was designed to incorporate the newspaper's lighter standing features, such as comics, puzzles and advice columns. The idea was to gather all of these features in one place for reader convenience.

"But keeping these pages together has become problematic," Baker said. "From a production standpoint, the Daybreak section has dictated how the rest of the paper goes together each day, how many pages we print. Next to payroll, newsprint is a daily newspaper's biggest cost item. That's why you don't see stand-alone Daybreak sections in most other papers. Running the comics and the other feature pages where they best fit on a particular day is much more cost effective."

The two comics pages, the second of which also includes "People in the News, "Dear Abby" and "Dr. Donahue," will typically still be found together, Baker said. But the puzzles and TV pages will often run in different sections.

"Keep in mind that all of the same material is still there," Baker said. "And we'll try whenever possible to run the features material on consecutive pages."

The easiest way to locate a specific feature page is to check the index at the bottom of Page One. The index lists page numbers for each of the pages that formerly were included in Daybreak under the headings of "Comics," "Crossword," and "TV Schedule."

In today's edition, the comics pages are B7 and B8, and the puzzles page is E10.
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Date:Mar 25, 2006
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