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Daybreak: Reconciliation Redux?

* Palestinian Authority President Abbas and Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal have plans to meet in Cairo next monththeir first confab since May, when reconciliation was announcedto talk unity. [WP/AP]

* Ruth Madoff revealed that soon after her husband's Ponzi scheme was revealed, the two tried to commit suicide by taking copious amounts of Ambien. [NYT]

* Israeli earthquake aid has begun to arrive in Turkey. Turkish officials have assured the world that while they appreciate it, the two countries are stilldon't worry!in a diplomatic chill. [NYT]

* In addition to the 25 Israeli prisoners, Egypt also scored an F-16 (for sale) from the United States as part of the deal for the Israeli-American alleged spy Ilan Grapel, who is set to be freed later today. [JPost]

* Information about secret peace talks in 2008, newly revealed in Condoleezza Rice's memoir, show that a deal was close and that the Obama Administration screwed up by coming in and focusing on settlements, David Ignatius argues. [WP]

* The U.S. ambassador urged the Israelis to institute a partial settlement construction freeze in order to bolster U.S. moves against Palestinian U.N. membership. [Ynet]

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Author:Tracy, Marc
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Date:Oct 27, 2011
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