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Day the air turned blue and the newsreader went white.

An Australian television newsreader went white as a sheet after swearing about her husband while on air.

Channel Ten Brisbane's Marie-Louise Theile insulted her husband David in an embarrassing slip-up during the station's tea-time bulletin.

Following a commercial break, Ms Theile and fellow newsreader Geoff Mullins were seen having an animated conversation.

Ms Theile, aged 34, was heard to say: "... but this arsehole I'm married to, he goes, oh I want to go skiing, oh okay, I wanna go to Europe, oh okay ..."

The pair then realised their comments were being broadcast on air and appeared visibly shocked. Ms Theile's face went white before she looked to the side of the screen. The incident lasted about nine seconds.

The station switched to the weather and a skiing report after the incident.

Channel Ten executives held an urgent meeting before issuing a statement about the incident.

"It was a light-hearted conversation taking place off air," the statement said. "Unfortunately, due to an operation error, parts of the conversation were broadcast. We regret that that happened.

"The matter has been dealt with and there will be no further comment."

A Channel Ten spokeswoman said that Ms Theile would not be sacked over the incident.

The incident came just two years after fellow Channel Ten newsreader Glenn Taylor was sacked for making an inappropriate comment on air.

In that incident, Ms Theile announced a swimmer found to be using drugs had been suspended, to which Mr Taylor added "by the testicles".

Mr Taylor said he thought he was off air at the time and "it's commonplace for newsreaders to talk about the news".

Mr Taylor later reached an out-of-court settlement with the television station over his sacking.

Mr Taylor, who had not seen the recent broadcast, said the network's reaction to Ms Theile's remarks showed there was a double standard.

"I think Marie-Louise is pretty well fireproof and I didn't have that sort of insurance.

"I don't think you can compare the words spoken or the words that went to air and the weighting you want to give to them," he said.

"I think it is very unfortunate. I don't know whether it is light-hearted or not. I've always seen Marie-Louise and David to be pretty close.

"Maybe she was just being flippant when she said that. It does show people are only human," he added.
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Date:Jun 24, 2000
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