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Day of Roma in Macedonia marked.

One of the more important events that marked 8 April, Day of the Roma, was the public debate at the Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia entitled "Toward Faster Integration and Inclusion of the Roma in the Republic of Macedonia" held at MP Amdi Bajram's initiative.

Among other things it was also said that Macedonia was a leader in exercising Roma rights but there was also a lot to be done to make their position in society satisfactory. According to Deputy Prime Minister Abdilaqim Ademi, "only through education can we implement the Decade of Roma and other measures aiming to improve the situation of the Roma community in Macedonia more efficiently".

Fifty-five thousand Roma live in Macedonia today and represent a constitutive minority. Suto Orizari is the only Roma municipality in Europe. They have their representatives in the Parliament and Government as well as other central and local government institutions.

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Date:May 1, 2010
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