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Day at the beach: take an exotic vacation without ever leaving your room.

Tired of tiny flowers, girlish ruffles and pink, Christine, 11, decided it was time to trade her country cottage bedroom for a tropical paradise. Designer Lane Oliver, creator of Digs A Go-Go, a do-it-yourself bedroom makeover DVD ($25, helped Christine to follow her vision and say "aloha" to a bright new bedroom.


When you're redoing your bedroom, don't be afraid to get bold with colors and patterns. To set the tone for her room, Christine chose bold hibiscus floral print bedding from To snazz up her headboard, she got sunny, wavy chiffon-patterned pillows from Neiman Marcus. She topped her bed off by adding a duvet in lime green and bright yellow print. But by sticking with the same intensity of bright colors and picking whimsical patterns, it all works.


Christine's queen-sized bed took up quite a bit of space, so rearranging was in order. Christine wanted a place where friends could hang out or sleep over. The solution was to create a sitting/sleep area in the corner of the room.

Christine and her dad got a board for under an ocean-blue bedroll from Urban Outfitters. Plastic bed risers from Bed Bath and Beyond were used to elevate the cushion off the floor. Christine camouflaged the riser with a Hawaiian skirt from Oriental Trading Company she snipped to the perfect length.


Sometimes it can feel like your bed is overpowering your whole room. What to do? Visually separate the room. Lane hung circle curtains from Pottery Barn Teen by attaching them to the ceiling at the head and foot of the bed. This added height to the room and separated the bed and sitting areas. By doing this, your bedroom can feel like a mini apartment. The circle curtains are a funky divider that allow light to pass through so the room still feels spacious.


Christine already had the wooden, glass-topped desk. To add color and pattern, Lane put tropical-themed wrapping paper under the glass and fun accessories on top. Christine needed a few more touches to her tropical paradise, so she hit Cost Plus for a small shopping spree. She bought baskets to place near the sofa as tables. A lime silk lamp provides light and a bit of whimsy. And glass vases serve up a splash of orange.

One final detail: A bold-striped throw rug was tossed down between the bed and seating area for a jolt of life to some very tired carpet. Now, be floored by the transformation!


Christine made a work of art out of a boring mirror by gluing on shells from her trips to Mexico and Hawaii. While she was armed with her handy glue gun, she decorated a lamp shade with silk hibiscus flowers cut from an old lei she had hanging around. (Lane applied leftover flowers to a lonely wall next to the mural.) Christine replaced her tired ruffled window valance with a Hawaiian skirt from Oriental Trading Company, cut to size and staple-gunned to the top of the window.


After the sitting area was created, there was a large empty wall screaming for artwork. The space looked flat and needed dimension. Christine surfed the Internet and found a beach mural that was just the right size, color and style for the room. The mural takes visitors on a journey and sets a peaceful tone to the entire room. It filled the space at a great price: $59 from
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Publication:Girls' Life
Date:Jun 1, 2005
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