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Adoption & Fostering joins SAGE Publications. Sep 22, 2012 385
Intercountry adoption, children's rights and the politics of rescue. Report Dec 22, 2011 7425
Farran Sue: 'Child adoption: the challenges presented by the plural legal systems of South Pacific island states'. Dec 22, 2009 175
Quinton David and Selwyn Julie: 'Adoption as a solution to intractable parenting problems: evidence from two English studies'. Dec 22, 2009 236
del Valle Jorge, Lopez Monica, Montserrat Carme and Bravo Amaia: 'Twenty years of foster care in Spain: profiles, patterns and outcomes'. Dec 22, 2009 208
Hojer Ingrid: 'Birth parents' perception of sharing the care of their child with foster parents'. Dec 22, 2009 202
Nash Jordanna and Flynn Robert: 'Foster-parent training and foster-child outcomes: an exploratory cross-sectional analysis'. Dec 22, 2009 171
Perumal Nevashnee and Kasiram Madhu: 'Living in foster care in a children's home: voices of children and their caregivers'. Dec 22, 2009 96
Zinn Andrew: 'Foster family characteristics, kinship, and permanence'. Dec 22, 2009 197
Bunkers Kelley McCreery, Groza Victor and Lauer Daniel P: 'International adoption and child protection in Guatemala: a case of the tail wagging the dog'. Dec 22, 2009 94
Dickens Jonathan: 'Social policy approaches to intercountry adoption.'. Dec 22, 2009 101
Fernandez Elizabeth: 'Children's well-being in care: evidence from a longitudinal study of outcomes'. Dec 22, 2009 210
Kim Soohyun and Smith Carrie Jefferson: 'Analysis of intercountry adoption policy and regulations: the case of Korea'. Dec 22, 2009 212
Palacios Jesus, Roman Maite, Moreno Carmen and Leon Esperanza: 'Family context for emotional recovery in internationally adopted children'. Dec 22, 2009 95
Selman Peter: 'The rise and fall of intercountry adoption in the 21st century'. Dec 22, 2009 99
Archard David and Skivenes Marit: 'Hearing the child'. Dec 22, 2009 137
Chandrasena Amali N, Mukherjee Raja AS and Turk Jeremy: 'Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders: an overview of interventions for affected individuals'. Dec 22, 2009 121
Ferguson Harry: 'Performing child protection: home visiting, movement and the struggle to reach the abused child'. Dec 22, 2009 253
Maundeni Tapologo: 'Care for children in Botswana: the social work role'. Dec 22, 2009 144
Meltzer Howard, Doos Lucy, Vostanis Panos, Ford Tamsin and Goodman Robert: 'The mental health of children who witness domestic violence'. Dec 22, 2009 239
Meng Liu and Kai Zhu: 'Orphan care in China'. Dec 22, 2009 171
Pine Barbara A, Spath Robin, Werrbach Gail B, Jenson Cary E and Kerman Benjamin: 'A better path to permanency for children in out-of-home care'. Dec 22, 2009 153
Stevenson Jim: 'Food additives and children's behaviour: evidence-based policy at the margins of certainty'. Dec 22, 2009 177
Ward Harriet: 'Patterns of instability: moves within the care system, their reasons, contexts and consequences'. Dec 22, 2009 254
Winter Karen: 'Relationships matter: the problems and prospects for social workers' relationships with young children in care'. Dec 22, 2009 231
Wood Marsha: 'Mixed ethnicity, identity and adoption: research, policy and practice'. Dec 22, 2009 208
Dolan Melissa M et al: 'Parenting and the home environment provided by grandmothers of children in the child welfare system'. Abstract Sep 22, 2009 229
Farmer Elaine: 'How do placements in kinship care compare with those in non-kin foster care: placement patterns, progress and outcomes?'. Abstract Sep 22, 2009 249
Gleeson James P, Wesley Julia M, Ellis Raquel et al: 'Becoming involved in raising a relative's child: reasons, caregiver motivations and pathways to informal kinship care'. Abstract Sep 22, 2009 157
Hegar Rebecca L and Rosenthal James A: 'Kinship care and sibling placement: child behaviour, family relationships, and school outcomes'. Abstract Sep 22, 2009 200
Linsk Nathan et al: '"No matter what I do they still want their family": stressors for African-American grandparents and other relatives'. Abstract Sep 22, 2009 160
Simpson Gaynell Marie and Lawrence-Webb Claudia: 'Responsibility without community resources: informal kinship care among low-income, African-American grandmother caregivers'. Abstract Sep 22, 2009 145
Malm Karin E and Zielewski Erica H: 'Non-residential father support and reunification outcomes for children in foster care'. Abstract Sep 22, 2009 228
Schofield Gillian and Beek Mary: 'Growing up in foster care: providing a secure base through adolescence'. Abstract Sep 22, 2009 197
D'Andrade Amy C: 'The differential effects of concurrent planning practice elements on reunification and adoption'. Abstract Sep 22, 2009 168
Dowling Monica and Brown Gill: 'Globalisation and international adoption from China'. Abstract Sep 22, 2009 211
Fortin Jane: 'Children's rights to know their origins--too far, too fast?'. Abstract Sep 22, 2009 155
Gibbons Judith L, Wilson Samantha L and Schnell Alicia M: 'Foster parents as a critical link and resource in international adoptions from Guatemala'. Abstract Sep 22, 2009 192
Matthias Carmel R and Zaal F Noel: 'Supporting familial and community care for children: legislative reform and implementation challenges in South Africa'. Abstract Sep 22, 2009 202
Moss Michelle: 'Broken circles to a different identity: an exploration of identity for children in out-of-home care in Queensland, Australia'. Abstract Sep 22, 2009 253
An empirical analysis of factors affecting adolescent attachment in adoptive families with homosexual and straight parents. Report Jun 22, 2009 244
Assessing candidates for adoptive parenthood: institutional re-formulations of biographical notes. Report Jun 22, 2009 200
Fostering security? A meta-analysis of attachment in adopted children. Report Jun 22, 2009 198
"If you build it, they may not come": lessons from a funded project. Brief article Jun 22, 2009 141
Foster children: a longitudinal study of placements and family relationships. Report Jun 22, 2009 220
The impact of parental substance abuse on the stability of family reunifications from foster care. Brief article Jun 22, 2009 197
Adolescents' perspectives on placement moves and congregate settings: complex and cumulative instabilities in out-of-home care. Brief article Jun 22, 2009 212
Residential education: an emerging resource for improving educational outcomes for youth in foster care? Brief article Jun 22, 2009 168
Neighbourhood structure and foster care entry risk: the role of spatial scale in defining neighbourhoods. Brief article Jun 22, 2009 186
I thought I was the adult in this house: boundary ambiguity for parents involved in the foster care system. Report Jun 22, 2009 163
Children with disabilities: problems faced by foster parents. Report Jun 22, 2009 144
What's the relationship got to do with it? Understanding the therapeutic relationship in therapeutic foster care. Report Jun 22, 2009 166
Agreement in foster care: discrepancies between foster child and foster parent about the severity of problem behaviour. Report Jun 22, 2009 161
Why do foster care placements break down? A study on factors influencing foster care placement in Flanders. Report Jun 22, 2009 177
Toward best practice and innovation in independent living training: experiences from the multi-site evaluation of federally-funded projects. Report Jun 22, 2009 196
The beliefs of resilient African-American adolescent mothers transitioning from foster care to independent living: a case-based analysis. Case study Jun 22, 2009 185
Natural mentoring and psychosocial outcomes among older youth transitioning from foster care. Report Jun 22, 2009 234
Satisfaction with counselling among black males in transition from the foster care system. Report Jun 22, 2009 156
What is the impact of public care in children's welfare? A review of research findings from England and Wales and their policy implications. Report Jun 22, 2009 256
Ayers-Lopez Susan, Henney Susan, McRoy Ruth, Hanna Michele and Grotevant Harold: 'Openness in adoption and the impact on birth mother plans for search and reunion'. Author abstract Mar 22, 2009 170
Mapp Susan C, Needha Boutte-Queen, Erich Stephen "Arch" and Taylor Patricia: 'Evidence-based practice or practice-based evidence: what is happening with MEPA and current adoption practices?'. Report Mar 22, 2009 169
Nalavany Blace A, Ryan Scott D, Howard Jeanne A and Livingston Smith Susan: 'Pre-adoptive child sexual abuse as a predictor of moves in care, adoption disruptions, and inconsistent adoptive parent commitment'. Report Mar 22, 2009 201
Taylor Patricia G: 'Pre-adoptive genetic testing: is the current policy too restrictive?'. Report Mar 22, 2009 159
Snowden Jessica, Leon Scott and Sieracki Jeffrey: 'Predictors of children in foster care being adopted: a classification tree analysis'. Report Mar 22, 2009 243
Axford Nick: 'Developing congruent children's services to improve child well-being'. Author abstract Mar 22, 2009 182
Hutchings Judy, Bywater Tracey, Eames Catrin and Martin Pam: 'Implementing child mental health interventions in service settings: lessons from three pragmatic randomised controlled trials in Wales'. Report Mar 22, 2009 193
Knight Abigail, Petrie Pat, Zuurmond Maria and POTTS Patricia: '"Mingling together": promoting the social inclusion of disabled children and young people during the school holidays'. Author abstract Mar 22, 2009 214
Rowlands John and Statham June: 'Numbers of children looked after in England: a historical analysis'. Report Mar 22, 2009 202
Belanger, Kathleen; Copeland Sam and Cheung Monit: 'The role of faith in adoption: achieving positive adoption outcomes for African American children'. Abstract Dec 22, 2008 197
Snowden Jessica, Leon Scott and Sieracki Jeffrey: 'Predictors of children in foster care being adopted: a classification tree analysis'. Abstract Dec 22, 2008 250
Fernandez Elizabeth: 'Unravelling emotional, behavioural and educational outcomes in a longitudinal study of children in foster care'. Abstract Dec 22, 2008 274
Jacobs Mary A, Bruhn Christina and Graf Ingrid: 'Methodological and validity issues involved in the collection of sensitive information from children in foster care'. Abstract Dec 22, 2008 184
Merritt Darcey H: 'Placement preferences among children living in foster or kinship care: a cluster analysis'. Abstract Dec 22, 2008 246
Vaughn Michael G et al: 'Psychopathic personality features and risks for criminal justice system involvement among emancipating foster youth'. Abstract Dec 22, 2008 116
Collins Mary Elizabeth and Pinkerton John: 'The policy context of leaving care services: a case study of Northern Ireland'. Abstract Dec 22, 2008 263
Hall Amanda: 'Special guardianship and permanency planning: unforeseen consequences and missed opportunities'. Report Dec 22, 2008 199
Mason Jan: 'A children's standpoint: needs in out-of-home care'. Abstract Dec 22, 2008 172
Tregeagle Susan and Mason Jan: 'Service user experience of participation in child welfare case management'. Abstract Dec 22, 2008 254
Vinnerljung B et al: 'Out-of-home care among immigrant children in Sweden: a national cohort study'. Abstract Dec 22, 2008 237
Welbourne Penelope: 'Safeguarding children on the edge of care: policy for keeping children safe after the Review of the Child Care Proceedings System, Care Matters and the Carter Review of Legal Aid'. Report Dec 22, 2008 222
Murray Suellen, Malone Jenny and Galre Jenny: 'building a life story: providing records and support to former residents of children's homes'. Abstract Dec 22, 2008 184
Brind Katharine: 'An exploration of adopters' views regarding children's ages at the time of placement'. Abstract Sep 22, 2008 190
Hinterlong James and Ryan Scott: 'Creating grander families: older adults adopting younger kin and non-kin'. Report Sep 22, 2008 278
McCaughren Simone and Sherlock Catherine: 'Intercountry adoption in Ireland: law, children's rights and contemporary social work practice'. Report Sep 22, 2008 123
Mapp Susan C et al: 'Evidence-based practice or practice-based evidence: what is happening with MEPA and current adoption practices?'. Report Sep 22, 2008 170
Taylor Patricia G: 'Pre-adoptive genetic testing: is the current policy too restrictive?'. Report Sep 22, 2008 162
Brown Jason D: 'Rewards of fostering children with disabilities'. Report Sep 22, 2008 136
Bruhn Christina, Duval Denise and Louderman Richard: 'Centralised assessment of early developmental delays in children in foster care: a programme that works'. Report Sep 22, 2008 249
Clark Hewitt B et al: 'A functional approach to reducing runaway behaviour and stabilising placements for adolescents in foster care'. Abstract Sep 22, 2008 207
Greeson Johanna K P and Bowen Natasha K: '"She holds my hand" The experiences of foster youth with their natural mentors'. Report Sep 22, 2008 169
Holtan Amy: 'Family types and social integration in kinship foster care'. Report Sep 22, 2008 224
Rees Alyson and Pithouse Andrew: 'The intimate world of strangers: embodying the child in foster care'. Report Sep 22, 2008 224
Samuels Gina Miranda and Pryce Julia M: '"What doesn't kill you makes you stronger": survivalist self-reliance as resilience and risk among young adults aging out of foster care'. Report Sep 22, 2008 208
Sempik Joe, Ward Harriet and Darker Iain: 'Emotional and behavioural difficulties of children and young people at entry into care'. Abstract Jun 22, 2008 147
Tarren-Sweeny Michael: 'Retrospective and concurrent predictors of the mental health of children in care'. Abstract Jun 22, 2008 180
Vinnerljung Bo and Sallnas Marie: 'Into adulthood: a follow-up study of 718 young people who were placed in out-of-home care during their teens'. Abstract Jun 22, 2008 180
Wakelyn Jenifer: 'Transitional psychotherapy for looked after children in "short-term" foster care'. Abstract Jun 22, 2008 109
Weisz John R and Simpson Gray Jane: 'Evidence-based psychotherapy for children and adolescents: data from the present and a model for the future'. Abstract Jun 22, 2008 124
Whyte Stewart and Campbell Anne: 'The Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire (SDQ): a useful screening tool to identify mental health strengths and needs in looked after children and inform care plans at Looked After Children (LAC) reviews?'. Abstract Jun 22, 2008 152
Dugmore Paul and Cocker Christine: 'Legal, social and attitudinal changes: an exploration of lesbian and gay issues in a training programme for social workers in fostering and adoption'. Abstract Jun 22, 2008 132

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