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Davidson & Associates Inc.'s Science Blaster(TM) Jr. Introduces Inquisitive Young Minds to a World of Discovery

 New Blaster Program Satiates Young Children's
 Never-Ending Desire to Learn `Why?'

TORRANCE, Calif., Nov. 25 /PRNewswire/ -- Only one person asks "who, what, why, when, where and how" more than a journalist on deadline -- a curious preschooler discovering the world for the first time. Science Blaster(TM) Jr. from Davidson & Associates, Inc. fuels this natural desire to learn by introducing children ages four to seven to the wonders of science.

The latest in Davidson's world-renowned Blaster series, Science Blaster Jr. creates a hi-tech interactive laboratory for children to begin their voyage into science. Aboard the Blaster ship, exploration and experimentation is the name of the game as kids travel through space collecting, sorting and categorizing their findings. During their mission of discovery, they uncover science facts and learn how to think like a scientist.

"Children have a natural curiosity about the world around them. Science Blaster Jr. offers a perfect way for youngsters to see how science plays a part in almost every facet of their lives, while also building important skills in related areas such as math and logic," said Jan Davidson, president and founder of Davidson & Associates, Inc. "Science Blaster Jr., provides a positive introduction to science at an early age and builds a lifelong interest in the subject."

Science Blaster Jr. fulfills children's innate desire to pose questions, draw conclusions and seek solutions. As children discover the fun of science and gain confidence from their successes, they:

* Learn both scientific facts and scientific thinking.

* Test concepts through experimentation.

* Understand weather and seasons by developing a context of place, time and physical interactions.

* Learn the properties of animals and plants.

* Learn scale and measurement through comparisons

* Build prediction estimation skills.

* Channel their natural inventive energy.

A World of Discovery

A variety of fun-packed games and activities combine 3-D graphics, animation, music and humor with hands-on experiences to introduce science concepts. Kids learn about everything from the properties of H20 and the effects of mixing colors to different animal behaviors and the history of scientific inventions.

Explore Activities. The Blaster Ship has several on-board controls that allow children to learn about science through exploration. This open-play environment encourages children to experiment and discover science concepts on their own.

For instance, using the Weather Globe, children visit different regions on earth to learn about climate and habitats. Or, using the Size-o-meter, kids can measure and compare the sizes of different dinosaurs, mammals or man-made objects.

The Sequencer. In this puzzle game, children learn about the different phases of scientific and life events by piecing together images. Through this process, children visualize how ice melts or how a plant grows from a seed.

Totally Tubular. This totally wacky maze game teaches kids about different food categories, the process of mixing colors and the different states of H20.

Photo Safari. Children travel from the great blue ocean to a barnyard meadow snapping pictures of animals in their natural habitat. As they capture animals on film, they learn about the characteristics, behavior and habitats of the animals, as well as how to categorize and classify them.

Features That Make Learning Science A Blast

Science Blaster Jr. provides children a stimulating and exciting learning environment by including innovative features such as:

* Progressively challenging steps that build essential logic and thinking skills.

* Vivid three-dimensional graphics, fun-filled surprises and interactive characters that make learning fun.

* Original Blaster songs that teach children about the galaxy, the environment and the history of inventions.

* An easy, child-friendly interface that allows preschoolers to learn independently or cooperatively.

* Two modes of play: the directed sequence mode allows children to build their reading skills progressively, while the free-play mode allows children to learn through exploration and discovery.

* Print kit with 30 printable experiments kids can do at home.

* Printable award certificates to motivate kids and encourage learning.

Pricing, Availability and System Requirements

Science Blaster Jr. is immediately available in a Windows 95/Windows 3.l/ Macintosh CD-ROM format at most major computer, software, and mass-merchant chains nationwide; it is expected to be priced at approximately $35. Customers can call 800-545-7677 for sales and ordering information. Science Blaster Jr. includes toll-free technical support, available from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Pacific Time every business day.

System requirements for Science Blaster Jr. are:
 Windows 95 and A 66 MHz 486 or faster personal computer; 256-
 Windows 3.1 CD-ROM color SVGA graphics; Windows 3.1 or higher, or
 Windows 95; 8 MB of RAM; a Windows-compatible
 sound card; and a double-speed CD-ROM drive or
 Macintosh CD-ROM A Macintosh 68040 series or higher; System 7.0 or
 higher; 256 colors; 12 MB of RAM (8 MB free); and a
 double-speed CD-ROM drive.

Davidson & Associates, Inc. is a leading publisher and distributor of multimedia educational and entertainment software for both the home and school markets. The company is internationally renowned for its award-winning Blaster series; other best-selling education and entertainment titles; and multimedia software and technology from its many divisions. A wholly owned subsidiary of CUC International Inc. (NYSE: CU), the company was founded in 1982 by educator Dr. Jan Davidson. SOURCE Davidson & Associates Inc.
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