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Davidson & Associates, Inc. Announces Ultimate Speed Reader - The Ultimate in Improving Reading Speed and Comprehension

Whether it's scanning the newspaper, reading e-mail or concentrating
 on a textbook, this latest version of a Davidson classic
 helps users read more efficiently

TORRANCE, Calif., May 5 /PRNewswire/ -- Almost everyone would like to improve their productivity and time management by quickly absorbing the deluge of information encountered every day in print and on-line. To help students, professionals and just about anyone who wants to read faster without sacrificing comprehension, Davidson & Associates has announced Ultimate Speed Reader, a new version of the company's classic title.

Designed to help users develop a range of reading speeds for differing reading purposes -- for instance, you might quickly scan a newspaper article or e-mail, but more deliberately read technical materials -- Ultimate Speed Reader offers six activities focused on moving the eyes more efficiently across the page/computer screen, and improving peripheral vision. Paced and timed reading activities; artificial intelligence that automatically adjusts the training program as reading skills improve; and graphical reports all help users increase their reading speed and monitor their progress.

"Every day, we are bombarded by thousands of pieces of communication: newspapers, magazines, e-mails, reports, memos, books, and more," said Faye Schwartz, senior producer of the product. "The ability to absorb and process all of this information quickly and accurately is an important skill in today's fast-paced world. Ultimate Speed Reader gives users the tools to digest this wealth of information quickly and effectively, thereby giving them a competitive advantage."

Proven Techniques and Six Engaging Activities to Improve Reading Speed

Six activities in Ultimate Speed Reader are offered to increase a user's peripheral vision, develop correct eye movement, and increase overall reading speed. In addition, the software offers these benefits:

-- Reporting features and graphs to assess current reading speed and comprehension, and chart progress throughout the program.

-- Customization that automatically adjusts the reading speed as skills improve.

-- Over 200 reading passages presented in a variety of formats to help build a range of speeds for newspapers, memos, reports and recreational reading.

-- Ability to import any reading passages or text files, whether from the Internet or any other source. Parents and teachers can also add comprehension questions to the new passages.

-- Ten themed categories in a variety of popular and interesting subjects, including sports, technology, business, psychology and entertainment.

-- An arcade-style game for a change of pace while still challenging perception and peripheral vision.

-- Timed and paced reading activities to help break the "one word at a time" reading habit.

Pricing and Availability

The Windows 95/Windows 3.l/Macintosh CD-ROM software is expected to be available at most major computer stores, mass-merchant chains and toy stores nationwide this summer for approximately $30. Ultimate Speed Reader will include toll-free technical support, available from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Pacific Time every business day.

Davidson & Associates, Inc. is a leading publisher and distributor of multimedia educational and entertainment software for both the home and school markets. The company is internationally renowned for its award-winning Blaster series (including Math Blaster(R), Reading Blaster(TM) and Science Blaster(TM), which has sold 5 million copies; the Fisher-Price(R) series, CDs based on popular Fisher-Price toys; and many other innovative multimedia titles for children of all ages. A wholly owned subsidiary of CUC International Inc. (NYSE: CU), the company was founded in 1982.

Editor's Note:

This press release, as well as other Davidson product and corporate info., including screen shots, is available on Davidson's web site:

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 -0- 05/05/97

/NOTE TO EDITORS: Availability: Summer; Ages: 15 and up; Format: Win 95/Win3.1/Mac CD-ROM; Approximate Street Price: $30; Sales and Ordering Info: (800) 545-7677; Web Address:

/CONTACT: Linda Duttenhaver, 310-793-0600 ext. 1230, or, or Jennifer Johnson, 310-793-0600, ext. 1145 or, both of Davidson & Associates, Inc./


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