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David wells.

A golden nugget of a day in a dull week, a day when you can use good old fashioned luck and hard work to make sure you shine way above the competition. Be you dancing, singing or whatever show you're the one to watch. Marvelous.

When you get one of those cabinets that comes flat packed with simple instructions, simple if you have a degree in joinery, don't you just sigh and wonder why? Because you choose it instead of the assembled one? Take the easy route.

We can all feel judged, it's what we do, comment on other folks' hair or what they are wearing but surely it's not about what others think it's what you want to do? Reach for the stars Gemini, stop staring at your boots. Bob on.

A heartfelt conversation yesterday may have left you with more questions than answers, so ask them. Nothing is over until you say it's over, it's not a long drawn out thing so don't worry, it's just simple answers. Ask.

Buddha sat under his Bhodi Tree and enlightenment came to him. After searching everywhere it wasn't until he sat down he found what he was looking for. Try it, you could sit on your specs or realise what really happens next.

False faces are best kept until the end of this month so why not remind someone that what you were promised was transparency and anything else simply isn't good enough? No tricks will win big treats, make your position clear.

You can try and get war and peace, also known as your love life, into a lunch break or you can take your time and serialise it? Frankly you might be losing your audience Libra, advice will be purer if information is slower.

Sometimes change isn't popular, sometimes it's just plain daft, sometimes it makes some sense and with a little more work it would be perfect-ish. Which is it Scorpio? You need to make changes, they need to be accepted.

Financially it's been a tough couple of days and you may have found out just what is and isn't going to happen because of the money situation. All things are workable Sagittarius so now you need find out how you make it work.

Being defensive is one thing, being strong-armed and not letting anyone near you is another. Both can work depending on what you want to achieve, and that is? Do you carry on or have you reached the end of this chapter? With pesky Venus still slowing down your career opportunities it can be very frustrating but remember she is still working for you and not against. Perhaps she's showing you another route by blocking a current one? Perhaps.

Sometimes it seems you won't make things work, sometimes no matter how much you try it's just not going to happen and then surprisingly enough everything changes. Not today. Only joking, look out for some news from a mate.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Journal (Newcastle, England)
Date:Oct 14, 2010
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