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David Wins Over Goliath Again: FIRELOCK Innovative Vault Technology Enables Success of Advanced Records Management (ARM) in Switching Enterprise Organizations for Vault Management.

Concerns with the Safety and Effectiveness of Storing Media in Traditional Cinder Block/Poured Concrete Facilities are Raised by Recent Fires and Increasing Regulations

KUTZTOWN, Pa. -- FIRELOCK, an innovator in providing Class 125 storage vault systems for media protection, today announced the success of the Advanced Records Management (ARM) organization in providing enhanced service to customers in the Minn/St Paul region for protecting and ensuring rapid retrieval of their critical data. As a member of the FIRELOCK Affinity Network created and supported by FIRELOCK, ARM operates as an independent local facility providing custom media and records rotation services tracking over 200,000 tapes along with other critical records. Records and media are stored in exclusive FIRELOCK vaults designed to keep the interior temperature below 125[deg]F for up to two hours during a 2,000[deg]F catastrophic event. This level of protection is not obtainable with standard cinder block, poured concrete or gypsum board construction.

"We are committed to staying on the leading edge of vault technology," says Jeff Fronius, President of Advanced Records Management. "FIRELOCK's automated temperature and humidity control, automated video surveillance system, and class 125 rating are all fundamental ways that ARM can do a better job for our clients than we could with standard cinder block vaults. If something happens, I get automated notification right in my email - which means I can do something about it right away. My clients and I rest easier because of the superior standard set by FIRELOCK vaults."

The urgency to provide secure, rapid, reliable recovery of vaulted media has increased dramatically over the last decade. Compliance regulations including Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, and the recently (December 2006) amended US Federal Rules of Civil Procedure demand that organizations take the steps required to retain their business data and that they produce it when required. Also, terror threat levels and associated concerns remain high.

"All too often, organizations just worry about getting their records offsite to comply with both regulatory mandates and data protection best practices," said Bob Laliberte, an Analyst with Milford, MA-based Enterprise Strategy Group, a leading IT analyst firm. "We recommend that organizations perform the proper due diligence on how their information is stored within their own facility as well as with trusted third party service providers that ultimately keep the information for extended periods of time. This diligence process should include evaluating the ability to secure and protect business records throughout their necessary lifecycle."

FIRELOCK vaults are exclusively available through the independently-operated FAN companies, and can also be purchased by client organizations needing to establish a secure vault at their own facilities. "We see a trend toward the use of offsite service providers as a business practice for Electronically Stored Information (ESI). This practice, known as "e-vaulting" frequently results in the placement of servers themselves into larger vaults, also requiring the enhanced protection available with a FIRELOCK Vault," says Smith. "Our climate controlled vault technology makes them ready-made to be used as server vaults at off-site disaster recovery centers, and also as part of data center facilities to help avoid disasters from happening."

To see the related ARM success story, visit FIRELOCK's web site at:

About Advanced Records Management (ARM)

Advanced Records Management (ARM) is a locally owned and operated records center in Plymouth, Minnesota. ARM has provided various records storage services since 1995. The goal at ARM is to create "win-win" partnerships with clients by simply providing accurate and responsive record storage services at a cost-effective rate. ARM is an active member of ARMA (Association of Records Managers and Administrators) as well as BCPA (Business Continuity Planners Association). For more information, visit


"FIRELOCK provides custom design expertise and manufactures and installs modular record storage vaults in a variety of sizes, from small rooms up to 25,000 cu. feet. These vaults are designed to provide UL Class 125 fire protection, along with environmental controls for your critical or vital information assets." Lightweight, expandable panel systems are available to construct firesafe vaults for the protection of magnetic media, micrographic media, optical disks and paper records. The FIRELOCK vault is the highest rated fire protection storage environment for media available in the industry. Our client list includes service organizations of all shapes and sizes from diverse industries, ranging from hospitals and pharmaceutical companies, to major financial houses and State and Local Government offices. Information about FIRELOCK is available at

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Date:Oct 15, 2007
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