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David West Takes Offence Of Kevin Garnett Blowing In His Ear, Lance Stephenson Style.

Brooklyn Nets power forward Kevin Garnett tried to one-up former Indiana Pacers guard Lance Stephenson Saturday night when he blew in the ear of David West. The future Hall of Famer was trash-talking with West when the two got entangled in the free throw line and Garnett blew in the ear of West, reminiscent of the Stephenson act in last year's playoffs.

West took exception with the move and the thing quickly escalated into a shoving match, both players had to be separated by the referees and West was assessed a technical foul for pushing Garnett. The incident which occurred during the halfway point of the first quarter was the highlight of an otherwise lackluster game when the visiting Pacers broke the game open and won handily, 110-85. Still, even if West saw how his former teammate do it to LeBron James, he had a different feeling being on the receiving end of the new irritating tactic.

"Everybody was kinda looking at me trying to figure out what made me push him or whatever, but he blew in my face, an aggressive blow at that. I think Lance's was more sensual, you know? That was an aggressive one," West told reporters ( after the game per ESPN .

While Garnett did not address the issue after the game, his act is reminiscent of other shenanigans he pulled in the past such as trying to bite Joakim Noah and whispering a personal insult in Carmelo Anthony's ear which led to the New York Knicks superstar to confront him at the visiting team's bus. In the end, West won out as the 38-year-old veteran was held to just 4 points and a solitary rebound in just 14 minutes of floor burn.

Coach Lionel Hollins of the Nets put much of the accountability on stars Brook Lopez and Deron Williams who were disappointments in their play off the bench. Both players were coming off injuries and were eased in slowly by the coaching staff but the game broke open when both were in the game in the second half, especially when Rodney Stuckey (20 points, 6 rebounds and 8 assists) and the other bench players did much of the damage such as CJ Watson (17 points), Luis Scola (13 points), Chris Copeland (12 points) and Lavoy Allen (10 points).

It is unclear if Garnett will continue with his theatrics given that Stephenson became and internet meme sensation with the ear-blowing antic and Garnett did much more by forcing a technical from the irritated West. Garnett and the Nets will try to bounce back Monday night as they host the Sacramento Kings.

Watch how Garnett blew in David West's ear:



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Date:Dec 28, 2014
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