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David Wells.

Byline: David Wells

As the Sun and Pluto work together up in your career sky you could be in favour of working with someone here earth. Fine if you have someone willing to oblige, if not get to it Aries, align yourself with those who can help.

When you're taking things seriously your face does that thing, endearing of course but a real give away Taurus. Someone might think it's funny, you probably won't share their sense of humour. Maybe you should. Calm down.

Good news is coming your way even if it's taken it's time getting here! Perhaps it's a change of attitude that makes things seem brighter as you realise what you can't change and what you can? Concentrate on the latter Gem.

It's easy for you to help others, which is why the cosmic healer Chiron is sending someone who could do with a dose of Cancer nurturing and you're happy to help. Feeling better means making someone else feel better today.

Should you be wary of someone as they ask you questions that frankly aren't any of their business? No, what you should be is silent, let them move along peddling their ways somewhere else. A pop up friend you don't need.

You have a couple of days leading up to this weekend's festivities, what can you do with them? How about schmoozing your other half and letting them know all is well even if things were a little tense for a while there? You're unlikely to be at work today but if you are it's a great day to have a conversation with someone who seems unusually friendly. You can gain much from this little chat, but don't expect it to extend to bezzie mates. Just saying.

A little white lie could turn into a great big event if you don't step up and own up or better still catch yourself before even going there! Squeaky clean is best today Scorps, even if exaggerating things sounds like more fun. Shh!

Whilst writing your 'scope listening to Christmas carols it's easy to be full of the joys, really, so maybe all you need is to shove on some music and it will all be better? Sorry, I can shove what where? Find your way to a brighter day.

A little smooth talking will get you far today, I know it will get you far any day but today in particular it seems the more charm you turn on the further you get. With who and for what? That my dear Capricorn is up to you.

You know you've not been at your best, which means of course that you could have done better, so do you admit it and put things right or do you bluster your way through things? Honesty is your best quality, time to show it.

Being caught up in other people's dramas isn't necessary today Pisces, all you have to do is step away and remind yourself that you've seen it all before. They will sort it out as they always do, smile sit back, enjoy the show.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Journal (Newcastle, England)
Date:Dec 29, 2011
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